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I Can’t Stop Winning The Major Prize From STACKER!… || Arcade Games

Claw Craziness
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Arcade time! Today we go to a few locations and end up winning stacker AGAIN! This is just insane…




  1. I won an amazon tablet off one of these :)))

  2. Are they in Michigan cuz I swear I’ve bowled at all of these places

  3. Every time they don’t win they say “rigged” 😂💀

  4. I won the stacker twice but it was in chuck-e cheese -_-

  5. I have only won a big iron man plush at sera republic when i went Dubai it’s payout was sooo high

  6. One guy sounds like that “propane” guy

  7. you guys need to go to the hype store and win hella pairs of yeezys

  8. Almost every video has the word rigged every time they miss it

  9. It’s slower because when I did it it was fast but I only got to minor prize so I think the machine is slower🧐🧐

  10. My friend won a brand new iPad from the key game one

  11. Plz can I have that not wheel pretty blz

  12. my s ur like 23 year old getting hyped over arcade games

  13. I changed the likes from 4k to 4.1k that was my dream lol

  14. When he said tight fit for that hole 😀 Oops

  15. these guys are such losers… definition of man children

  16. Oh come on, really!!? That's a major epic deal…by the way, nice play

  17. There is a key master game that has a lot of big prizes at the TA truck stop in Monroe, MI. You should definitely go and check it out.

  18. “You can’t stop winning” u one once bro

  19. I love the vids but damn the guy who was screaming “you gotta be kidding me” he needs to chill🙄

  20. The guy in the blue t shirt reaction over the stacker game….. sooo dramtic calm down

  21. I just gonna start disliking when they say rigged when its not

  22. On the Key Master, you never went for the top, which It's basically "go to the top for expensive prizes!". Well, unless they are a ripoff.

  23. Lol paying to win candy you can just buy at a gas station

  24. This inspires me to go play stacker and loose like 150 dollars

  25. come in 🇮🇪 beacuse they have a shop called dr quirkeys in Dublin city centre and in the key master they have iphons ipads and apple tv

  26. I shot my dad just above his eye with a jolt, i thought it wasn't loaded.

  27. I love that anytime they don’t get it “it is rigged “

  28. Boi you say everything is rigged but you have good content so no hate

  29. The stacker in the vid is easy while the stackers on mine on the top goes as fast as when you wave ur hand but still gud vid

  30. In the description it says thanks for watchign

  31. They got excited for 10 dollar earbuds 😂☠️

  32. I just won a pair of AirPods for my girlfriend, all I spent was $16

  33. I got the jackpot for stacker back to back to back at Chuck E. Cheese’s and won my sister a little stuffed animal

  34. I’ve been watching a lot of your videos and I love your videos your so good at the machines I love your dad too

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