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I Bought TWO Tokyo Drift Arcade Games For The Price Of ONE *Building The Shop Arcade*

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The shop build continues! After we get the balcony stood up and start building out the Motul lounge, an arcade will go upstairs beside the couches. I bought a Sega Super Hang On in December and today one of the other must-have machines popped up for sale way cheaper than they ever go for. I messaged the seller immediately and told him I’d be right over to pick up TWO Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift sit down arcades. Now I only need Time Crisis 4 and a pinball to complete the arcade. This place is going to be absolutely insane!

The Fast And The Furious Tokyo Drift Movie:

Shop Motul:


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Where can I keep up with you off the bike?

Instagram: WatchJRGo

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Do you go to school? College, for 2 classes.

Why do you ride so dangerously? What do mean? I was doing 25.

Do you go to the track? Of course, hopefully there will be videos in the future.

Do you play video games? No, but I might stream N64 Goldeneye at some point. Twitch: WatchJRGo

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  1. JR, watching you cut that padlock with one hand on it and the other on the grinder. You got me stressed for your hand!

  2. If you want a real fun time get yourself some initial d arcades they are so much fun

  3. Love this man! Like share and subscribe. U.K. subscriber

  4. The car mods in the Fast and Furious arcade games are so cringe. And the four-speed shifter is so NASCAR. The Cruisin' game series were more presentable.

    If you can find them, get the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune arcade cabinets. The second one forward are the ones to look for. The first one is quite spartan for today's standards. But they all give you quite the immersive experience, especially with its gated six-speed shifter.

  5. You had me at Time Crisis 😂😂😂😂

  6. Drill the lock, that's the cure for all arcade locks. Don't rip the machine apart.

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  8. JR's GO FACTORY! You have to get a Williams FunHouse pinball machine. Best pinball game ever!!!!

  9. I think a hot shop wench would increase viewership.

  10. Tokyo Drift = meh
    Sega Super Hang-On = Awesome!

    Is the Sega logo still okay or was it already scratched up before the sparks flew from the grinder?

  11. Big arcade sit-downs are always cheap. I see them go for $250-$500 all the time at Dallas auctions. The reason? Most people don't have the room for them. They're also super heavy and cumbersome to move.

  12. I finally broke down and got a Pi 4 after seeing that they finally made a version of RetroPie that's optimized for it and what a difference! It does still struggle somewhat on N64 games but that's an issue with the emulator and since the Pi 4 is still new I'm sure they will have it working great soon. I do suggest getting a variety of controllers for each console type though because no matter what you do an Xbox controller sometimes has a hiccup with side scrolling NES and SNES games and playing Atari 2600 games without the classic Atari joystick just doesn't feel the same.

  13. You gotta get a side scroller like turtles in time or the simpsons

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  16. "The Go Place " it's the place where you always want to go 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  17. Can’t quite figure out your angle here. Are you working on cars, opening a nightclub, or resurrecting an Aladdin’s Castle? My vote, stick to cars. Most of us won’t ever get to Kansas to enjoy the arcade or nightclub.

  18. As a 25+ year arcade tech, I will tell you that you will need to carefully remove the computers and make sure the CPU heatsinks are free of dust. They will lock up if they get too hot and I have yet to see one that wasn't so full of dust that the fins were totally blocked. DO NOT LOSE OR DAMAGE THE PARALLEL PORT DONGLE! (should have FF on a green sticker.) That is the security key and the game will not run without it. While you are in the computer, make sure the computer boards are in good shape. Dells of that era had a problem with bad capacitors. It would be a good idea to find a couple spare computer motherboards for the Dell 740 before they all vanish. The game code was written for that computer so it's not a simple or easy thing to try and use a different model of computer. The Hard Drive will fail at some point, but the recovery DVD is inside the back. The HDD is just a SATA drive, so you just need a new one of the same or bigger size. If you change the hard drive out for an SSD, do both machines at the same time. A SSD will load faster and can mess up the link timing if only one has a SSD.

    You will find the volume controls and test switch in the top coin door.

    When you pull the CRTs, do not throw them away. Arcade collectors want them. Collectors hate LCDs. An LCD lowers the collector value of an arcade game. A CRT with as nice of a picture I saw in this will pull in $100-200, maybe more. When you pull the CRT, do yourself a favor and leave the class CRT in the metal frame. It is much easier and safer to take it out with the frame (you wont have to try and remove the flyback wire that has a 10,000-20,000 volt charge in it even when there is no power.) You remove the monitor from the front of the game.

    Oh yeah, the lock you don't have a key for, just get a screw driver and pry under the security bar. The lock cam is a soft metal that will bend back as you pry the door open. You can also just drill the lock out with a 3/8" or bigger drill bit. Just go right down the middle of the tumblers. You will NOT be able to get into the cash box from the top or back. You have to go in through the door itself. That was done to make it hard to get to the money.

  19. I would of gone with wangan midnight maximum tune arcade and a initial d arcade

  20. John Ross,

    Thank you for proving everyday that dreams are always worth chasing no matter how difficult the times. You motivate me everyday. 🙏🏽👍🏽

  21. Awesome.
    First step. Duplicate those hard drives onto new ones. Checkdisk is a tipoff that the drives are starting to fail.

  22. Why don’t you do Car Giveaways? And make some merch 🤔🙃⚠️

  23. Hey JR check out an arcade game called Raman
    Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4. Best driving game out there. Nothing beats the arcade experience!

  24. +WatchJRGo; i've figure out what you should do. you should have a fee/club setup, that allows people to bring their cars in, and use a "stall" in your warehouse, along with loanable/rentable tools, so they can do their car fixes there, and, offer a discount or something, if they are willing to be on your youtube, so you can get extra content from your customers projects.

  25. How about getting some pinball machines, they still make new ones and the ones from the 90's are awesome.

  26. Wow i didn't think they were that much there quite old for that style most of the ones that cost more are updated with led screens

  27. I have original monitors if u would prefer the real look

  28. friendly warning, avoid talking to Tyler Hoover for a little while! like for a couple weeks. dont be the guy stuck with that monstrosity of his.

  29. I smell a gaming PC upgrade to these bad boys!

  30. What a fun video. Please show us the upstairs once you have the arcade/lounge ready to go. I can't wait for you to restore the Super Hang On game. I used to play the stand alone and sit down versions. Tokyo Drift looks awesome. I can't wait for you to put an LCD in the second one.

  31. I've always wanted a home arcade…I would have gone with cruzin usa

  32. Everyone has to see how we have some fun after a hard days work like you, so go check out Grom_Squach channel to you might likely it just as much as you did this one I know I did be safe everyone.

  33. now if only you had a stun runner game in there.

  34. Probably should have focused on HVAC first, arcade games second.

  35. you should build jumps for skateboards and dirt bikes

  36. I'm pretty sure that the Hang On arcade machine uses a low resolution 15KHz arcade monitor. I don't think it's going to be easy to LCD swap. As long as the tube isn't broken, you can probably rebuild the CRT. They're not that complicated. There's places online that sell cap kits and replacement parts (flyback, etc…). The hardest part will be figuring out exactly which monitor model is in it.

  37. That's cool, but it's not Hard Drivin cockpit, force feedback steering, legit manual transmission cool… 😎👍🏻

  38. I own my own vintage arcade, the CRTs can be repaired all you really need to do is take out the chassis and do Kids along with reflowing cold Sauter. I can help you if you need to, I’m just out in Wisconsin. So it would be more of a over the phone type thing. You can upgrade to LCDs and it might look great but to actually restore a video game you should fix the original parts.

  39. Man this gives me major nastalgia vibes. He should try and snag that old star wars pod racing arcade game.

  40. I guarantee that lock could be picked in a matter of seconds. Once you start playing with a pick set, it's incredible how little security most locks offer.

  41. This channel is infinitely better than the Super Bowl or any of its PC BS commercials.

    It's not an exaggeration. You and hoovey have been the ticket to getting through this pandemic.

    It's kind of fun watching something where you're not reminded every 7 to 10 seconds how you should feel guilty because of the color of your skin or the fact that you are straight or a male.


  42. I’d totally watch a man cave/arcade repair channel!!!

    I’d replace those CRTs for longevity

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