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I Almost got Scammed by this Arcade…

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I went to this arcade and almost got scammed out of winning this arcade game and these prizes…
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  1. i like the black panther thing, i like it more then the star wars one

  2. Ok why 25 minutes though? Just stood there like "duh"??

  3. Since you didn’t get the first prize that you rightfully won and didn’t get the third prize you should have received you basically did get scammed somewhat. Since you recorded it I would have shown that to the employee. You won that first prize and should have been compensated for it.😢

  4. Black Panther sucks. I wouldn't be happy winning that. Sorry for your loss.

  5. middle aged discord mod threatening to whoop someone's azz. Yeah I bet everyone was scared of you 🤡

  6. i won an ipod on stacker with $37 dollars. those were the days 😢

  7. So do you just have a house full of worthless crap?

  8. there are some Local arcades that have nice workers. they don't indulge themselves in the scam these arcades WANT them to do, and its really great.
    But well… Some just don't care, and accuse you of cheating.

  9. yeh but the ones where they say "win every time" i would get more wins that you

  10. why do 9 out of 10 arcades not actually have the keys to the machines. A claw master could come in any day. better be prepared

  11. Those 'prizes' were a scam. Utter worthless junk.

  12. You didn’t get scammed but you definitely got ripped off.

  13. Jew zone if they kick you out they hate Jews ✝️

  14. you grabbed, and when the claw goes up, hits on the top.
    here, on Brasil, the claw lift up so fast, intentional purpose, to make the prize fall down.
    of course, scam.

  15. As an arcade employee, this no key bullshit is annoying. The casher wouldn’t have keys but the manager will. There is no way they don’t they have to refill stuff with prizes. So yes they have keys they are just lying to you

  16. I thought he said 20 thousand when I paused it at 20 😂

  17. Holy quarter taker B-Man! They still have arcades these days?!?!?!?

  18. How is it that soo many of these places “don’t have their keys”. Seems like some sort of grand conspiracy to make sure people don’t get their prizes 😂

  19. Prizes in America are such low tier trash.

  20. That is so bs! I feel your rage!🤬

  21. Mmm hmmm…"didn't have keys." We all know that's arcade worker lingo for, "My boss won't let me give you the 'expensive' prizes," so they give you old garbage prizes that were never won, or old cheap ticket center merch that never sold.

  22. I remember I went to a arcade and did the big bass mini game and got the 1000 tickets BUT RHE MAACHINE WAS BROKEN AND I DIDNT GET THE TICKETS

  23. Grew up going to zap zone, they have great Lazer tag, but their OG place in Utica was a better set up than the new shops they've got now

  24. I had that happen to a friend once the stacker Is a scam

  25. The arcades are basically little casinos for adults and kids. lol

  26. Its always 50 50 that the prize will even drop if you win .

  27. Black panther thats racist! That thing was ugly looked like a burnt demon

  28. Fake arcade what happened to the real ones?

  29. Yeah Stackers sucked…we would fix our issues but I'm sure their main tech says it workems, their stupid" without actually putting into diagnostics…or indeed it is as intended and a d grade room filler 😂

  30. you got the Anti White panther toy instead. wow

  31. One time at Dave and Buster’s I won just under 200 tickets and the machine didn’t dispense them, so I got a worker who asked me how many I won. I said “I think it was like 186”. He said “no you won the jackpot I saw you” and handed me an entire stack. I didn’t count them but I believe it was about 2000 tickets. Then he used his card to max out the attempts on the next game I played. He’s a real one (or it was just his last day)

  32. If you got anything about black panther, oops, I meant to say African-American panther, then you did get scammed.

  33. So you left the one you won that’s stuck.

  34. how often will you post ? i’ve been following but i haven’t seen any recent tries since they filled it up again?

  35. They didn’t give him the keys on purpose. These types of machines are just designed to destroy kids hopes.

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