How to Win the Key Master Arcade Game! -

How to Win the Key Master Arcade Game!

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I show you some tips and tricks to winning the arcade game, key master in this video! I show you tips, tricks and hacks to win this game and win great prizes!
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  1. I actually won something from a game similar to this and I was pretty surprised. I got it on my last go as well. For those of you wondering, it was a Nintendo Switch Lite. For just $10.

  2. Bottom row prizes 10-20$? Bro those were dollar store toys

  3. At an arcade, I won a pair of AirPods from one of these machines and the owner came out and congratulated me, but told me that I wasn’t allowed to play on the machine again for a year to ‘make it fair’ to other patrons

  4. After seeing you expose rigged arcade machines, here are laws I'd put in place if I could:
    – It's illegal to rig any arade machine in any way
    – It's illegal to kick someone out or ban them
    for winning a prize
    – If the arcade owner wants the prize back, they
    must buy it back from the winner at its current
    sales price after tax

  5. Also the top level has a little black switch thing that gets in the way of the claw and prevents it from going up far enough.

  6. I won £500 on one of these machines a few weeks back. Never played one before!

  7. I think what could be a positive change to that game is reducing the price of the lower items and instead of rigging it, make it so the speed it goes up by increase so it is more difficult to hit the top ones

  8. One mans scam is another mans treasure.

  9. How this is legal I don't understand. These games should be required to have signs on them saying that they're rigged and that they have specific payout "schedules" so to speak.

  10. One of the best games I know of at an arcade is the "Pop the Lock" game. If you are really skilled at timing, you can win a lot of tickets from it. My cousin's wife won a switch lite and an Xbox one s from all the tickets at Boondocks. She didn't win the two on the same day. She won the switch first and then decided to come back a few days later and won the xbox.

  11. Imagine being such a shoddy salesperson that you have to rig your earnings. 🙄

  12. a fist size metal object placed behind the machine at the level of desired prize. push the machine so it holds the metal object you placed behind the machine. apply pressure and play. it bends the bar slightly allow you to pay out everytime. dont come to the east coast tho. theyve been upgraded so you cant move them off the wall.

  13. Finally some actual explanation for the commentors

  14. Honestly why can’t they make the machines like they do in japan

  15. See I got this cheat called… breaking the glass and taking my prize….

  16. the prize itself can prevent you from winning. I "won" a psvita but the key entered the hole hit the box and retracted.

  17. That sounds like the definition of a scam. The machine in a skill based game won’t let you win.

  18. It should be illegal and considered theft to rig a machine like this

  19. Me and my dad once tried this and neither of us could get the biggest prize and we both wasted so much money on it so we just called it rigged

    we also noticed when we tried to get the key into the big prize, the button would 'jam' but if it goes too high it didn't jam?!

  20. I don't mind a rigged game as long as there is a sticker on the game denoting that it is a set payout game. Not allowing people to know it is set and making them believe winning is due to skill is total fraud

  21. How to win, putting enough money until you pay for the item, then put in more money and maybe win.

  22. Burning laser – melt off the tip of the key through the clear glass.

  23. So it's gambling and not a skill game? Then it should be 21+.

  24. The only game like this I ever enjoyed was at the Kmart I worked at in high school. It was an old claw machine (80/90s?) so I don’t think it was rigged. I also won…a lot because I go for what was easy not what was my favorite

  25. I actually won a prize from this game and it didn't take me that long i got a big container of dum dums and i was happy with my prize

  26. That somehow reminded me of a similar game called Marksman, and when I played it some time in 2013 at an arcade that I don't think exists, yeah, the pin hit the top. I now know why.

  27. I remember when i was waiting for the person who charged my bus card to return back from break, i saw a claw machine, i put 5 nis (new Israel shekel) and it gives me 3 tries, first try failed, a mother and her kid went over to watch, and i casually said "the machine is rigged, the operator of the claw machine set it so the claw won't be able to grab anything" and 3 second later i was able to grab perfectly a plushie, both me and the mother start laughing with me going "i guess i was wrong" before putting the plushie in my bag, even my own mother was impressed by my catch, i named the plushy "cheese"

  28. If it tends to go up a bit, why not pressing the button when its just a little bit off centered?

  29. So let it go a little before when you want it to stop try and see if that’s a loophole

  30. If you played this “game” you are most likely a gambling fool

  31. It should be illegal to
    A: make rigged games
    And B: kick people out or even refuse to give them what they earned

    But the government doesn’t care because they’re making a cut from taxes🥰

  32. at my local arcade, they blatantly put a second glass wall so you cant win even if you do it right

  33. How is this legal, btw
    There's a sucker born every minute.

  34. If you win a high level price, the owner will come out with the cops and basically refuse to let you keep the item you won. You literally can't win, even if you actually win.

  35. これは確立機といって一定以上の金額が使われないと、わざとズレるように設定されています

  36. One time i hit an ipad and it just came right out as if i hit the plastic , it was some bs

  37. So from what I picked up the main strat is to spend a dollar or enough for one play at each machine in a building and if it goes higher it's not ready if it's lower it is ready so do this until you find one win a big prize and probably get banned

  38. Lol never played keymaster successfully but I will try again. I've been obsessed with claw machines since I was little and dad noticed I had a knack. basically childhood luck but he used it to boost my confidence. lol I jumped on a machine a grown man dropped a good 40 in and won the animal he was after in $1. this was the late 80s so quarter plays and play til you win were still around. the good old days… lol

  39. So when it's close to pay out the owner will put in some money until it resets the pay out, "win" the prize and remove the cash and put the prize back in the machine.

  40. When I was like 5 I won this game first try and it was a game at a pizza shop 😅😂

  41. The game is rigged. It's clearly written in the owners manual page 6 and 7. Each lane can be manually set and the default is 1 win per 700 credits up to 9999 credits. You can even set the upper deviation so the game automatically goes up by a certain amount of millimeters after you release the button.

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