How to WIN the Floppy Tickets Arcade Jackpot! #shorts -

How to WIN the Floppy Tickets Arcade Jackpot! #shorts

Arcade Warrior
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How to WIN the Floppy Tickets Arcade Jackpot! #shorts


  1. Bro I used to go into Dave and busters in Tempe Az and destroy this game back in 2017-2018 when it was 1000 for the bonus and I would walk out of there with 20,000-40,000 every Wednesday and the highest I ever scored on it was 3,200 and it was like almost an hour without crashing. Then after I would do that every Wednesday for over 2 years straight they finally changed the bonus from 1000 all the way down to 250 and then all the sudden made the pillars go up and down. There was one point when I was hording my tickets for like 6 months and I had over 2,000,000 tickets and when I finally cashed out it was like Christmas walking out of the prize room. I literally took every system and every game over 300 packs of Pokémon cards etc lmfao I miss D&B 😂🤙🏼

  2. I'm actually interesed what happens if you die on odd amount here.

  3. "100% skill" pressed the button and it went down and crashed into the pipe

  4. Pin me cuz I'm a dog and I'm your best friend<3333

  5. Nice video Erik your so amazing keep up the good work Erik

  6. You got the high score and that's an amazing jackpot tickets, Baby!

  7. Oh my goodness, Erik!
    Nobody can beat your high score.

  8. I played that game and is VERY tough to beat. But a fun game to play since it's a spinoff from the game flappy bird.

  9. You got such a good score. You’re good at that game

  10. Omg that game is so cute and your really good at getting the jackpot

  11. The best I can do at that game is 5!😂 How did you get over 200! That's insane! Love your vids!😊

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