How To Win The Claw Machine at Round 1 Every Time #shorts #clawmachine #arcade -

How To Win The Claw Machine at Round 1 Every Time #shorts #clawmachine #arcade

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  1. Wow I already new that😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  2. claw strength is adjusted by technicians. you need to observe and try all machines to know which ones are worth.

  3. I try but it keep falling so is a scam

  4. It doesn't work. I'd tried it 10x. 😅

  5. That’s called a double clamp, which can be modified onto any claw machine. It’s a very cool addition to it, but it is rare

  6. Fun fact i worked at round onejust ask an employee if you can they can rearrange the machine be extra nice ofc and your G they usually are so kind to put it so you win first try

  7. As somebody who won a chibi Sonic plush during the premiere of the 2nd movie, I can confirm that you gotta be one lucky mf to have that lucky shot.

  8. I'm gonna try it for myself in my local shopping malls

  9. i know but i tried it once and it stopped in the air and got back

  10. Bro it legit says try double tapping on the glass I guess people still don’t know abt it

  11. Good tip, but just for the record this hack dose not work for all claw machines!

  12. It was actually an employee working at the claw machine arcade we were at that told us about this. It works like a charm

  13. It depends on the machine. Most machines do not have double tap on them

  14. Well I did that so many times and I literally have so many toys from claw machines.

  15. Everyone literally knows about double tap

  16. I love These Claw Machines In Whole Asian Countries And Whole Philippines

  17. How to actually get something from a claw machine :
    1 make sure the claw isnt a scam
    2 grab the head
    3 this should be a 99% win

  18. POV a round one worker scrolling through TikTok : they found us go tell the manager

  19. mid already knew bout this he a fraud


  20. Manual;👍🏼. Sometimesballbya jeedbisbthe downforce poke

  21. Yup. Good highlight ! But it the toy is sitting at the edge. Dont pick . Push/poke

  22. It didn't work for me! I got SO FRICKIN MAD 😡

  23. Life hack: punch the plastic so it breaks then take all the plushies

  24. Don't work all the time only if they have double tape and it's active some time the arcade deactivate that fecher

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