How To Win the Block Stacking Arcade Game 100% Win Rate #shorts -

How To Win the Block Stacking Arcade Game 100% Win Rate #shorts

Mystery Matt
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  1. The bag did all the work, bro didn't do nothing

  2. I love the part where he explains what the bag helps with…

  3. Not again what the f### s### you doing bro

  4. When you run out of video ideas grab a bad

  5. nobody needs to see ur supreme. Pull up dude

  6. hey Matt Great show and always keep it up,

  7. I thought Mark Rober made you a bag or something lol

  8. I like the part where the backpack helped bro

  9. Yo tell mark rober to hook me up with that backpack too

  10. I always win this game by grabbing the rod underneath the balance board lol

  11. And the backpack then ? What did it serve to ?

  12. Man I didn’t know you cussed it’s been so long I remember when I first watched you, your still amazing man.

  13. go away skips it's time for you to go away says:

    how did the backpack help

  14. Damn, I can really see the intense and powerful effect of the backpack happening throughout the video.

  15. No joke I use that as a camera bag for a GoPro would recommend

  16. Didn’t even talk about how it helped you lmao

  17. I fail so many tries as a kid, and now I am Teen got the jackpot on trippin’ blocks

  18. :him: this backpack is gonna help me
    :cc: hes not even using the backpack

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