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Today I play one of the most popular arcade ticket games ever, I’m sure you’ve heard of Big Bass Wheel. In this video I attempt to get the big jackpot! Lets see how many tickets I can WIN!



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Shoutout to my man E-dubble for the background songs.. rest easy my friend..

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  1. I remember watching this when I was little trying to win the jackpot at Chuck E. Cheese

  2. When i played this in the Luton galaxy i kept getting 40 and 10

  3. i do this machine so goddamn often that when you put force into it my shoulder muscles move a bit

  4. My husband won the thousand in Lake George

  5. i actually won one of these and got 4k, some other people saw it and made me try it for them coz they think they would've won :v

  6. When I got 1,000 tickets there was a whole crowd around me

  7. When I played this game in an arcade in Philippines, I pulled the lever thing as hard as I could, and got the 1000 ticket jackpot, I was so happy, it was too much for the machine though, so the employees had to get the tickets manually, best day of my life, I then lost the tickets though.. but then got the jackpot for a Wheel of Fortune arcade game, so yeah

  8. Hi Arcade Warrior I Just Want To Give You A Shout Out

  9. I was playing a game like that at the works but it had a different jackpot and I got it second try LOL

  10. Awh my god I remember when I won that first try

  11. Oh my God bro I literally love this old intro

  12. Me at the age 7 I got the jackpot 1000 swear on god

  13. Someone keep this kid out of the local casino when turns 21!

  14. Congratulations For 1350 Total Tickets!

  15. I’ve won the 1000 two times on that same Machine

  16. Basically his version of how to win a jackpot is to keep playing multiple times till u go broke.

  17. I actually won an 1000 ticket jackpot from the same machine but different place lol

  18. Well I actually won this ONCE… no hacks, no anything. Pure luck.

    Same machine btw

  19. you come to my dave and busters you wont make it back to the parking lot

  20. Fun fact a good way to get a good score in that game is to not spin at all.

    It will spin automatically after the timer runs out

  21. I feel like this one has breaks inside it and is preset to land at 1000 eventually

  22. I've gotten the jackpot for real before and I was a kid! (I was around 5-8years old) I've gotten a few other jackpots before.

  23. "40 I can get a Tootsie roll" at Dave and busters it ls like 140

  24. It’s rigged just like the claw Machines. Only pays out after probably 100spins

  25. I remember my first time winning 1000 tickets. I was really young Me and my family went to the bowling alley but me and my brother only ended up playing at the arcade area and i was sad that i couldn’t bowl but I literally just pulled the thing down with no effort at all and didnt really care what it landed on. Then it fr landed on 1000 tickets and it just kept coming like it never was gonna end and so many people was gathered around and was so amazed of it and i was super happy. I had so many I decided to share it with my twin brother and got alot of stuff.

  26. I remember years back when i was really young, I actually won a jackpot twice lol, I’d say it’s 25-30% you can get the jackpot prize, sweet memories.

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