How To Win On The Yeezy Key Master Arcade Machine | Arcade Games Tips & Tricks -

How To Win On The Yeezy Key Master Arcade Machine | Arcade Games Tips & Tricks

Claw Craziness
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In this video I show you tips on how to win on the sneaker/yeezy key-master, then a compilation of times these tips worked and I was able to snag 5 pairs of Jordons for less than $150!


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  1. do you get both sides of the shoes or just one😂

  2. I would go to the mall and play the claw game and I would fail every time

  3. Only if he picked the right shoes 😂 still hella good tho

  4. I'd be pissed if the shows didnt fit my foot

  5. idk how i got to this vid but it bothers me how they dont know the shoes idk why

  6. When i was in Ocean city maryland, i saw these air jordans off white kind and the travis scott kind and i saw yeezy. It was so hard to get them. I was upset because i waste like 6 $5's.

  7. Won lambo keys at one and 1mil in one and Samson
    So I play fortnite so I got the exclusive skin and got keys to a manchion but spened 7000 and got free ice cream and passed out because got so happy and the company bas for the inserands

  8. It exactly takes 2.5 secs to hit in 1st row and 7 secs for the 2nd row..for third it 12-13 secs depends

  9. They didn't even know what Jordan's they got

  10. Does it only give you one shoe? 😂 lmao

  11. It made me so mad he called 13’s Curry’s bro at least name the right brand😂

  12. They call all of em Jordan’s😂 white people

  13. Where is this machinese located??

  14. Wait but u got only one shoe???? Last time I checked u have 2 feet

  15. Here is where my crippling gambling addiction will start

  16. So you’re saying that someone can make it so you have to spend $10,000 to win

  17. I guess you just gotta release the button at the right time

  18. …what if the shoes aren’t your size? Are you able to get a pair your size?

  19. This is not true. Just because it has a payout rate does NOT mean it’s 100% impossible. It means it’s incredibly hard to win.

  20. Wow would like to learn more how to win at key master

  21. Why would anyone just want one shoe on its own? That’s insane! Also $5 a go on Key Master? It’s only like 50p/£1 a go in the UK

  22. Can these guys be my friends like– win me some good shi– XD

  23. I won a NES mini today. Each play cost $1, got it on the 5th try. I usually never win, so it was quite nice.

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