How To Win On The Stacker Arcade Machine | Arcade Games Tips & Tricks -

How To Win On The Stacker Arcade Machine | Arcade Games Tips & Tricks

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In this video we head off to the bowling alley to give some tips and tricks on how to win on the arcade game stacker!

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  1. Well my major prize is a giant catterpiller so what is my odds

  2. Thank you so much!!!!!!!! I actually won a 200$ watch

  3. This video is satisfactory knowing it's rigged. Also annoying :'(.

  4. This does not tell you how to win but rather that the game only pays out so many instances

  5. Im here because im so mad i got to the last one on MAJOR prize and the block skipped

  6. I don't know how long ago I liked this video

    But how to randomly show up in my recommendations

  7. That happened to me i was at the last 1 and it skipped it inwas triggered

  8. We are at a timeshare and this game is in the gameroom, I have been winning all the minor prizes for my kids because I feel like at least its something lol. I knew that major prize was rigged because I always get to the very top and then it jumps one block over, it's so annoying!

  9. after winning the major prize once i tried multiple times and realized it was rigged very quickly lol

  10. Easy usually for minor but major is difficult maybe u could click one block to early so it can stack the way u actually want it to?

  11. So your telling me i couldn't win a $3 ps4 on purposes. FAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡🤬

  12. I’ve spent 14 years on this machine and I’ve finally beaten it

  13. cough People who made this machine should be arrested.

  14. I've had one so rigged it wouldn't even let me do minor it just skipped 2 to the left

  15. My freind has a video on his phone that he won 4 times in a row for a major prize.

  16. People get kicked out of arcades by beating the scam

  17. My local arcade has one of these, the prizes in both the minor and major are either bad or okay except one ( an in box ds lite). The only problem is is that the machine is set to it's hardest difficulty which means I would've been lucky to even get a minor prize. Gonna go back and try again, I'll update the progress.

  18. Never thought these things are rigged. Guess I didn't suck all the time

  19. "Oh so you wanna win?"

    "See you after 50 years, when your all grown up"

  20. I almost won AirPods till my freaking dad said your not going to win and I lost pain now I’m ready I have 30 dollars of coins

  21. I can make it to the major every time but that last block is pretty damn hard to get. Won a flatscreen TV out of the one in scene 75

  22. Remember kids!

    To get your reward, go to the front counter.

  23. i won some earbuds a few days back and i am now trying my luck at a switch wish me luck XD

  24. i won the major prize before but the manager didn't want to give me the prize and said a kid like me should not have won that ps4

  25. Whoever made the game: this is a great idea dropping a 400 dollar prise down a 2 ft drop so the winner gets it broken.

  26. I feel I have to back myself off from an arcade because I can win a $600 prize for $50-70.

  27. "Other than using a baseball bat."
    XD couldn't be more true

  28. Rigged. . . I got to the last one 5 times in a row and missed last one, only time I've won it before is when I accidentally got the last one. Idk if there is a pattern or a simple hack to win at it.

  29. Bro I won AirPods for 20 bucks in this game lol

  30. Lol my dad did this first try 2 years ago

  31. I won a flat-screen tv of this a few years ago lol

  32. I won 2 times in two different locations. Once 8 years ago and another time just last month. Unfortunately, I didn’t know it was rigged lol. :/

  33. I got a Nintendo switch yesterday from this :0

  34. I'm at an arcade and a the machine is just like that I'm trying to win a 2ds with Mario bros 2

  35. I actually won this once years ago, i got a ps4 but i sold it bc I prefer xbox

  36. All im just gonna say is that this game my family has hated for years coz of how rigged it is, when I was at the top I had just hit the top, then it skipped a square, now I just hate it so much.

  37. Of course it's rigged! Should've known from the start! The price difference between the Minor Prize and Major Prize are so big that there was no chance it was skill based.

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