How To Win On The Key Master Arcade Machine | Arcade Games Tips & Tricks -

How To Win On The Key Master Arcade Machine | Arcade Games Tips & Tricks

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In this video we head off to the Imagine Movie Theater to give some tips and tricks on how to win on the arcade game key-master!


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  1. i won a go pro there is an iphone but i faild the attemp ;-;

  2. Hi, TDiamonds23 here, I have never won keymaster, I also won but the button got stuck and I lost, and my prize would have been a NINTENDO SWITCH, one issue with the button cost me a game console!

  3. Tip: count to three to get the bottom sometimes it doesn’t work bc you don’t press it on time

  4. I just won a 25$ Buffalo Wild Wings card lmao

  5. So basically a game that’s supposed to be about timing and skill is just a game of pay out rates

  6. Best tip I have is to go to my local arcade and play for the top prizes after school hoildays have finished, 2 weeks of kids playing pumping up the payout rate

  7. Best trick:. Get something cool then sell it for more coinns

  8. Now punching myself for all the times I gave up while the key was touching the bottom 😔

  9. It's not impossible I've won many times

  10. Tip: for the top prize wait 8-9 seconds for its to go up to the hole for a better chance

  11. I want the $50 I dropped in one on a cruise ship once. This game is a scam. Scam artists deserve prison sentences..long ones.

  12. 3:23 are you fucking kidding that means I've missed 500+ dollars prize 4 times in the past year

  13. I forget what the game was called but you had to poke a a stick through a small hole. And one time the employee forget to slide the glass back over so I was able to pole everything and won a bunch of funko pops

  14. I once won at stacker but the prizes weren’t too good and my brother took it

  15. won this and got a iphone 11… this is my main phone now

  16. Imagine trying 1499 times to get an iPad and the next guy comes and wins in his first try

  17. How to win: ensure that you are playing during the payout rate. Otherwise you won't.

  18. So it's gambling not a game of skill. Sigh…

  19. you have one on those stacker games that blatantly move the last square even if you timed it perfectly multiple times?

  20. Thx I got 5000 tickets and google nest mini thank you alot

  21. I actually won yesterday and I just got a Kindle Fire 7

  22. I won on this after 5 tries but went for the easiest angle so I ended up getting an LOL surprise thing, I didn’t care about the prize, I just wanted one. In the end I gave it to my younger cousin who was there.

  23. This is my way to upgrade my phone to an eleven

  24. When i was smaller i won a ear phones.

  25. I've tried winning on keymaster and the game's rigged for me

  26. i won a madden 21 xbox game but it didnt fall down when it pulled it out 😐

  27. My guess is they are just holding up the boxes. Even if u do win there’s nothing in the box 😂

  28. Imagen someone waiting for 1,500 people to play keymaster just to get a chance to get that iPad…. that's cool!!

  29. In other words, that ps5 on the top row is damn near impossible

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