How To Win On RIGGED CLAW MACHINES! || Arcade Games -

How To Win On RIGGED CLAW MACHINES! || Arcade Games

Claw Craziness
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Claw machine time! Today we got to a few places and I show some tips on how to win on payout machines…

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  1. "It's in… it's in… no it's out"
    "There's a certain way you need to get it in there"
    "In the backside?"
    If you're watching this where somebody can't see the screen, you might get odd looks

  2. "only 1$"

    woah bruh that's pretty expensive for me. in my country it's only 5 ph peso each token. one us dollar in ph peso is 50+, that means it's ten times more expensive than ours

  3. The best way to lose your money and get homeless

  4. This is why I want dominos power from Deadpool 2

  5. Thanks to the uploader.. The key machine stuff at the start of this video allowed me to sound clued up while talking to an arcade with a messed up machine today.

    Can the uploader or anyone else who knows these things elaborate more on my experience:

    We visit a place called Skegness, England twice a year. In October 2017 i went on the key machine and attempted to win a Nintendo switch, back then it was travelling a little further after I pressed the button which I noticed but didn't understand.

    Went back this weekend (june 2018) and while attempting to get the Nintendo switch this time it wasn't travelling further so (after watching this video) I know its ready to pay out.

    I got the key through the hole in 3 attempts but when it went through the hole it kept going, hit the Nintendo switch causing it to swing around, the key didn't spin around it just returned back and I lost my credit.

    I found a manager and told him that I just won but it didn't pay out. He said if he witnessed it go through the hole he would have give me the Nintendo switch but he'd have to refer it to the highest manager the next day because he didn't see it. They had no cctv at all watching this machine.

    I then went home and saw this video (thank you) and learnt if it went through the hole its a win, which I knew anyway. But I wanted to be 100% sure before I talked to this manager.

    I was talking to the manager for at least 15 minutes he was talking all sorts of nonsense about how the machine works and why I didn't win.. I told him, look, even the average Joe knows these machines are rigged, this one was rigged in October as it was travelling further than i told it, yesterday it had reached its rig amount because it was going where I told it.. The aim of the game is to get it through the hole, I put it through the hole, I won, simple.. But either a malfunction happened and it didn't twist or this machine is illegally double rigged.

    He told me they love it when people win big prizes it brings good publicity. I told him well the opposite will happen if I leave having won but not getting my prize.

    He said "id offer you one of these smaller prizes as a consolation but I assume you don't want that" I told him i won the Nintendo switch so I would like that prize. Because there was no cctv, no staff to see it, me sounding clued up (thanks to this channel) and my threat to give the bad publicity he said "so I give you the switch, you go on Facebook write good reviews we all go home happy right?" we shook and he told his lower manager to give me a switch.

    However, I did notice that when he went to get the Nintendo from the machine he took the right one and not the left one I had been playing for and we'd been talking about (the left being the one closest to the key and the one people would most likely go for)

    So if you've stuck with me through that I have 2 questions :

    1/ the key went through the hole.. That's a definite win correct? There's no further mechanic, it goes through, you win and it spins around? Meaning A/ its rigged B/ it malfunctioned

    2/ considering he took the right Nintendo to give me and not the left one that I tried for, does that confirm there's something riggy going on? Or just he made a mistake? (I wanted the left one because it was the red and blue switch, the right one was grey lol)

    Thanks for reading/answering

  6. I can't play like that with the claw machines over here. You get one chance to go up, and one chance to go to the right D:

  7. 3.45 how to win, first stuck the claw at the prize, then it stuck for real.

  8. 3.45 how to win, first stuck the claw at the prize, then it stuck for real.

  9. in the UK the machines only have one touch forward and one touch sideways and then claw drops

  10. Do they give these prizes to children at the arcades? Do they hoard them at their parent's house? Enquiring minds want to know…

  11. My ex won 3 beanie babies in a 10 dollar sitting one time. She was a beast at these machines

  12. "That's what it'll do when youre playing."
    Gets prize.

  13. You guys did all that now but you never told us how exactly you can tell if it's ready to pay out or not on the key game

  14. Only if I knew this before I saw a key thing with 50 psn a beats headphones and the psn card was in the middle

  15. That guy totally sounds like Joe Swanson from Family Guy

  16. Win a middle row prize on stacker and then a top row prize without having keys to the machine and I'll be impressed

  17. How is this supposed to prove that there’s a pay rate 2 in a row?

  18. The only thing I ever won in a claw machine was a Lisa Simpson doll because she was angled perfectly and her head was made up of multiple triangles jutting out so it was easy for the claw to grab. Her and Maggie were the easiest ones to get though they had the whole family.

  19. Tell me again why a grown man wants a blue smurf??

  20. Those bunnies were alive and did not want to leave!!! 😂

  21. So.. where's the "tips"?? All I saw was you winning about half as much as my little 8 year old nephew does. That's the tip?? Pay until you win something?

  22. Truth. My best win was this pretty big pony I won in a diner for 50 cents. The hook caught its bridle and lifted it right up. I thought I'd never win as all the prizes were large. It's still sitting in my office!

  23. Once when I was young I managed to get a smurf by the tag ring

  24. you seem so suppized to say its rigged. clearly they are rigged. you spent two day's this place trying for a win and the truth is you never won. most the stuffed toys cost 40 cents each.

  25. The truth behind ALL claw machines is this one simple fact…. The claw has not enough force of grip to get anything out of the machine. The illusion though is that it does. The only way you win is by chance snags.

    Buy these things from Ebay or Amazon for a much better deal than what you'd spend in an arcade shop. Because all they want is your money … and they will get it, one way or the other.

  26. ”do you have money I can buy off you?”

  27. I used to service the computers that controlled payouts for grabbers. The machines I worked with only produced a "winning grab" after $200 had been spent since the previous payout. Whenever someone wins, the next 100 plays are guaranteed to lose!

  28. All the claw games I came across have only 1 try for both axis.
    I never came across a game like that where you can move the claw back and forth several times

  29. not sure what is worse…
    grown men playing with claw machines or me watching them…

  30. Some more youtube videos building that arcade claw machine hype. Dude, we all know only arcade owners make these hype vids. Its soooo BS it smells like it.

  31. this one is stupid just some older nerds sitting around a claw machine pretending they know how to win

  32. So now you have a bunch of Smurf’s littering your house.. now what?

  33. I figure sence they buy in bulk those smerks cost them 50 cents max but each attempt is 1$ they still make $ not as much but still profitable. Plus what do you do with them all :p

  34. I worked at a Pizza joint back in the mid 90’s and we had a claw game as you walked in the restaurant. I don’t remember how I learned to get free games out of it, but I did! The claw was just like the one with Smurf’s in the video. While the machine is turned off, hold the joystick to the right, if I remember correctly. Now keep holding the joystick and turn the power back on and voilà, you have a free game. This is all dependent on if you have someone that can handle the plug situation or if on a power strip. Unless you are Mister Fantastic and can reach in the back and unplug the machine you need the suggested ways I mention above. I’m sure this technique no longer works, but you won’t know until you try! When I was able to get free games, I cleaned it out of all the Upperdeck Baseball cards it had. If anyone knows if this technique still works, let me know, thanks!

  35. Grown men getting excited about winning Smurf dolls? Ok then.

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