How To Win On RIGGED CLAW MACHINES! || Arcade Games -

How To Win On RIGGED CLAW MACHINES! || Arcade Games

Claw Craziness
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Claw machine time! Today we got to a few places and I show some tips on how to win on payout machines…

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  1. Soooo….. Unless someone wants a few of the same smurfs with glasses, how exactly do you win these? This was more of a 11 min video watching you guys play these arcade games and probably spending a load of cash for some stuffed dog toys from the dollar store. Nothing was shown about how to win the key game. Nothing was shown about how to know when the claw game is suppose to pay out…. You may want to change your video title.

  2. The only winners of this video are the store proprietors seeing as how you appeared to spend about 50 bucks and walked away with about 3 dollars of plush

  3. Ok so know i know that there is a payout and once you win once then its highly your not going to win agian.

  4. 500 dollars later they have 10 stuffed animals

  5. I figured it out; Get lots of dollars to try hundreds of times. Eventually you win!

  6. What they don't tell you is the the claw grabbing strength is pre-set. For example, every 10 plays it will grab tighter onto something and maybe you will win.

  7. Clickbait! Video is not what the title described!

  8. A group of incels playing games for children and getting excited when they win a cheap Chinese stuffed animal or some no name electronic trash that is worth far less than they spent to get it.

    Get the.. the hook thing.. get the hook thing hooked on something."


  9. More like this! Likes are like fake internet points – and I need them. 😛

  10. There was already a toy in the door when you get the toy even know I did not win

  11. Watching 3 nerds high on Red Bull isn't a description on 'how to win'…

  12. You prob spend so much money u get things for more than they cost

  13. I remember years ago in our local shopping centre we had a claw machine and the Teddy’s had £50 vouchers and we had a way to win every time, we cleared out the machine 🤣 there was no alarms on them back then

  14. Change the title to "idiots with a gambling addiction get extremely excited throwing their money away at a claw machine".

  15. Does that machine keep playing the Toy Factory song from the 102 dalmatians ps1 game?

  16. the owners of those machines are laughing at you. those dolls cost less than $1 each, you lost every time.

  17. Clickbait title. Downvoted. YouTubers like this and others that continuously and intentionally use deceptive titles to get views should be banned.

  18. You showed nothing we dont already know waste of time and your idiots

  19. Click bait, they don’t tell you “how to” at all don’t wast ur time

  20. Look on my channel if u wanna know the real way to win every time AND FOR FREE

  21. 600K Views – That's about $600 in Youtube ad revenue. More than the machines paid out …

  22. Nice job on winning those Keymaster games. That machine has beat me many times.

  23. Which things you have win you are taking with yourself or left there those things

  24. Clickbait video – Can you label your videos so people that want to actually watch it can, instead of tricking people into watching them!!!

  25. Aaron must not be riding the GTR. Or he would be with his GTR friends. Is this before he got his GTR? Must be!

  26. There is 1 out of a thousand tries u will get it

  27. I found Nintendo switch in the bottom row at a key master

  28. I been alive for nine years only I have one in my life a ball at the carwash

  29. What if a claw machine doesn’t have smurfs in

  30. Should have titled it “obsessing over the smurf claw machine”

  31. I won a switch and a surface pro 6 from barber cut

  32. Brainy smurf is really smart. he knew wearing those glasses would help him get saved from that vending machine! haha


    1. Get the light weighted items so you are more likely to win them
    2. Get the ones close to the edge
    3. Try get the claw to get stuck to the toy so then it will fall off at the exit bit (like they did to the smurfs glasses)!
    Hope it helps

  34. i remember somehow winning on a claw machine at this “base” place. it was pretty cool

  35. Most of the time, anything that you buy through these machines that appears to be expensive, isn’t going to be. They’re cheap knock-offs, made to look like the real thing.

  36. used to be really good at these. The ones i played never allowed you multiple moves of the claw

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