How to Win Big Tickets on This Arcade Game Power Roll #shorts -

How to Win Big Tickets on This Arcade Game Power Roll #shorts

Mystery Matt
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  1. I one time randomly won the jackpot at this game! Took a decade to finish giving the tickets, but it was worth it!

  2. Is "Red Flappy Thing" the offical name of that piece? Lol 😅

  3. Take 100 bucks and try to get the pop it pls

  4. Today I played spongebob coin pusher and two gary where in the machine I won them then another Gary dropped

  5. I subbed i been try I g to figure how to do that game

  6. I figured this out first ive known this for years and found it out my self

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  8. OMGI think I know I'll keep you at because I was just there yesterday and The big fish game was right next to that game was it is outlined in Valparaiso?

  9. You make me want to go to arcade and have some fun 👍🤙

  10. You know they can change the mechanics to make it even harder, right? smh

  11. The Power Roll game always says "Hurry up!"

  12. Ik ik this is how i got 1500 tickets

  13. Can we confirm it’s 100% skill based?

  14. Quick drop is hard but if you can do it 1st try it’s free tickets

  15. I cleaned up on this on ages ago got 100000 tickets and won an Xbox one

  16. I played this game at Dave and busters and i won a jackpot 🎰 and I don’t even know how I got it I was in shocked and I was speechless

  17. Been there done that to the point I hit jackpot 25 times in a row and they made me leave

  18. Hey was this recorded at a fun fore all in Pennsylvania. Cause the layout of the arcade there looks like the one I went to Saturday. I thought that cause the game right next to it

  19. Step 1: watch this
    Step 2: go to the arcades
    Step 3: win
    Step 4: oH YoU CheATEd, giVE uS ThaT pRIZe!!!

  20. Why don't you just go gamble like a real adult? Lol

  21. Me who played a similar game and got it on the first try:Pathetic

  22. A couple years ago, Matt helped my brother learn to own Dave and busters arcade games. My brother, matty, then got me a switch. So Matt, thanks for helping Matt OWN! You rock!!!

  23. I played this before but had gotten to many jackpots and was kicked off the machine for getting to many tickets

  24. Funny I see this. Because at my arcade, we have these stools. I pull the lever all the way to the cushion of the stool, and let's just say, I got a lot of tickets that day.

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