How To Win Big From The Keymaster Arcade Game! -

How To Win Big From The Keymaster Arcade Game!

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How To Win on the Keymaster Arcade Game

Ask anyone that grew up in the late-1970s/early-1980s—the arcade kids—and
they’ll say that the greatest arcade games of all time are Pac-Man, Centipede,
Defender, Donkey Kong, Asteroids or Galaga. Today’s kids might give a different answer, though. No longer just about amusement, today’s arcade games are all about instant prize redemption. Instead of trying to get the highest score on a machine, today’s kids are gravitating toward arcade games that reward players with a high dollar prize. The amusement-soaked days of Pac-Man are now gone. Walk into an arcade today and you’ll see people gathered around Keymaster.

Appearing in 2016, Sega’s Keymaster game has taken the arcade world by storm.
The instant prize redemption game involves using a key to unlock a prize. And if you use the clever tip below, you’ll discover that you’ll have a much better chance at winning Keymaster than any of your friends.

How Much Does Key Master Payout?

That is determined by how much play the game gets. (We’ll go into detail with that soon) The game features a dozen high dollar prizes (gift cards, Jordans, iPhones, jewelry, etc.) behind the glass across 3 rows. People gravitate to Keymaster in arcades because of the desirability and value of the prizes being offered; top row prizes are worth the most in value whereas the bottom row tends to contain those that are less sought after.

How Do I Know When The Keymaster is Ready to Pay Out?

There is a way to tell if the Keymaster machine is ready to give you a prize. In the
video above, you’ll learn how to tell the right time to play a machine. No time for a video? Okay, here’s how it works:

When the key barely hits the top of the keyhole – the machine is not ready to pay
out, here’s why that happens in reality, the machine’s mechanism is forcing the key to miss the keyhole. This means that the game isn’t skill- based. Regardless of where you told it to go originally, the key will continuously be forced further to ensure you miss – (it’s what causes you to lose).

However, this does not mean that the machine is impossible to beat. If the key hits the bottom of the keyhole, it means that the machine is now ready to pay out. The machine has made enough money to give you a prize now. If the key barely hits the bottom of the keyhole, go a little bit higher. And when you do, the key should go right in! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

(As a side note, this is for an arcade Key Master. ClawCrazy is skill based and there are no rigged machines or scams)

Is Keymaster Winnable?

Yes, of course. When it comes to beating Keymaster, It’s important to test each row once and watch for where the key lands, if the key is hitting the top on all three rows, it is not ready to payout, but if it’s hitting the bottom, there’s a good chance you will walk away with a great prize!


  1. One thing I think I could have tried would be to let the rig system just go but then you let it follow just below it will rise but it will then hit the angle you want

  2. So what youre saying is, you need to not go where you want to go and stop.earlier a little lower so it wont go up?

  3. I have also play game in india.Nice ur playing My channel also 😊

  4. So wait a minute, the machine won’t pay out a prize until it’s made enough money? That tells me the chances of winning aren’t really chances at all. That’s all I need to avoid these machines completely.

  5. I Finally Got One Last Night For My First Time.

  6. Daaammmmm this makes a lot of sense ! It wouldn’t let me win and now I know why

  7. It still cld b cheating u bc they fix them to let ppl win the cheaper prizes but not on the expensive prizes

  8. Friends make comments so I can make videos 😮
    Is the same as rappers having beef with another
    It’s all a show and I beg people to start down voting videos like this because we arguing in the comments and talking about it just makes him ricer. Down vote and move on.

  9. NO WAY YOU'RE POSTING AGAIN!! please do a come back I miss your content so much 🥺

  10. Welcome back Trevor I definitely miss seeing your posts please make more videos

  11. You didn't mention the operator can program the dollar amount the machine has taken in before it "allows" you to win.

  12. Note when you see the key barely hit the bottom of the hole on a row that entire row is due to win so you can win anything on that row once then it resets the payout

  13. People think loot boxes are gambling for kids. This game and Stacker are the definitions of gambling for kids.
    Update: But if you DO want to win something, if one of the electronic/tech prizes is from 3/4 years ago or even more, then you have a better chance of winning it.

  14. So no real skill involved it's based on as you said a set amount before it gives out

  15. If there's no skill or chance to beat odds of probability, this is straight up kids being scammed with the machine programmed to not payout until after a certain point

  16. Oh i understood. If the key hits the bottom, not the top, you able to get this prize, if the key still hits the top, you can’t win it

  17. So you're proving without a shadow of a doubt that these games are completely rigged

  18. It should be illegal. Putting money into a machine with the promise if you are skilful enough you will win, however there is no way to win if there hasn't been a payout

  19. If I saw that bass pro gift card I would be going crazy to try and win it

  20. In a way these machines are scammers because they don't pay out until they have received a possible several times the price of the prize

  21. Outdoor Adventures With Austin Miller says:

    I've seen a lot of those in the mall around Ohio and through Newark Ohio and specially down in Heath Ohio and Zanesville Ohio but I've never won a prize out of the keymaster machine

  22. Can you just release the button sooner when it’s hitting the top so it stops in the center

  23. Better idea. Buy one of those usb cables that brick these machines and destroy them.

  24. You are wrong sir. It actually is if the key doesn't move slightly up from where you put it it's ready to pay out.

  25. This was at Cherry Hill I used to work there

  26. so you went higher even though the machine already raises the arm up ?

  27. A game that doesn't allow you to win unless it makes enough money is not a game. It's a scam.

  28. I never really visited big arcades but i was at a small arcade hall in france a week ago and they had a keymaster machine, so i gave it a try and it didnt had a payout rate and was winnable every time. I got three funkopops for only 7 bucks. Thanks for the tips

  29. Well, what if you used offset to your advantage and figure out a way to get it precise enough, down a little, to where when it goes up, it locks perfectly in the spot. It’d take practice, but what if?

  30. I understand the economics of this. If it was really skill based, someone would get good at it, play a lot, and drive them out of business. But it still sucks.

  31. I call bs , it's ready to payout when you get lucky and make the hole 😂

  32. I litterly spanned 20 nis on this kind of key machine trying to get 100 nis with a new pair of headphones

  33. Lol I work at an arcade an this isn’t how it works, at this for ours, it’s not rigged you just need to be lucky / skilled. There’s a one cut machine there was a ps5 and people win all the time, not rigged to actually win after a certain amount spent 😂

  34. These have to be the stupidest videos on YouTube and I can’t stop watching them 😂

  35. These are so cheap these days. I remember they used to put iPods and PSPs into these things. Can't be that much of a big deal to stick a 3DS or two in there

  36. This is a scam. He wins more than loses because this is the owner of the machines so he makes these videos knowing people are gullible

  37. I would’ve got an iPhone but it missed by a millimetre because it was rigged

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