How to Use Game Controllers to Play Tesla Arcade Games - Beach Buggy Race, Sonic, Sega Games & More -

How to Use Game Controllers to Play Tesla Arcade Games – Beach Buggy Race, Sonic, Sega Games & More

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All Teslas come with something called “Arcade” which includes lots of fun games to play while waiting to supercharge, on a ferry or anytime! In this video we show you how to use the games and how to use actual game controllers to play them! We used PlayStation controllers in our 2021 Tesla Model Y! Shop all the accessories we use in the video below.

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Controllers –
1) PS4 Controller:
2) Xbox Controller:
3) Generic Controller:
4) Wireless Controller Adapter –

Adapters / Alternate Cords
1) Apple USB-C to USB Adapter:
2) Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter:
3) Cable Matters USB C to Mini USB Cable:

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1) Spigen Screen Protector:
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5) EZ Pass Skin Cover:
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7) Console Organizer Tray:
8) Plasti Dip:
9) Webcam covers:
10) Charging cable organizer:
11) USB-C to Lightning Cable:
12) Wheel Cap Covers:
13) Chirano Lifting Jack Pad for Tesla Model 3/S/X/Y:
14) Basenor Spoiler:
15) Spigen OneTap Dashboard Mount –
16) Spigen OneTap Screen Mount –
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  1. This no longer works in 2023 models. You have to plug into the port in the glove box.

  2. Too bad you have to hardwire the controllers to play

  3. How much battery would it drain if you play for an hour straight?

  4. Why not get a long USB-C to Micro USB cord to avoid the adapter? Was it because you had the USB-A cord already.

  5. Omg this is sooo cool! Tesla vehicles keep getting better and better! Omg I can’t wait to get my MY!!! I put my order in at the end of October and the delivery date is September! Going to be worth the wait for sure! Thanks for the fun video!

  6. Assuming you can use via Bluetooth as well?

  7. is there a way to use wireless controlllers?ie bluetooth?

  8. As of jan. 18 tesla has removed a bunch of from the arcade including sonic, cuphead, catquest. Im sitting in my car and I dont see any game that support controllers as of today

  9. I found that the game controller from my Nvidia Shield TV Pro works great. I might buy a second one now that you've demonstrated that I could use two at a time.

  10. Can’t wait to start a stardew valley farm in my Tesla for when I’m charging!

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