How to start Apple Arcade games on one device and finish on another — Apple Support -

How to start Apple Arcade games on one device and finish on another — Apple Support

Apple Support
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Pick up where you left off on any Apple Arcade game. It’s as simple as signing in to iCloud.

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  1. Apple your iPhone ideas are so cool and iPad

  2. My Apple Arcade game: Oceanhorn 2, isn't syncing the progress from my Mac mini to my iPhone. Also, I am signed into iCloud on both devices.

  3. When I charge my phone and it open and I saw a picture of a charger and a laptop and I can’t do anything and I saw a link

  4. Even the account is sonic can you do amy next

  5. {EVE LᴏᴠᴇʀGɪʀʟ28} 2022 The Precious Rose says:


  6. lets pray sega gave them perms cuz i dont see no credits unu

  7. Apple even delivers their devices to mobius !

  8. I can’t believe you guys hired Sonic to sponsor this, awesome

  9. {EVE LᴏᴠᴇʀGɪʀʟ28} 2022 The Precious Rose says:

    Sonia: Wow! I didn’t know that my brother was in this! I’m calling him right now! (Pulls out red iPhone 11 and calls her brother)
    Sonic: (on the phone) Hello?
    Sonia: Brother! You didn’t tell me that you were on one of the Apple Arcade videos!

  10. never believed sonic would use an iPhone 12…

  11. Had no idea Apple had the licensing for Sonic.

  12. Sonic the hedgehog is the best sponsor for apple 👍 this is a dream come true

  13. I like how Sonic just pulled out a big-ass iPad out of think air.

  14. We finally found Sonic's email account, gotta hack fast for some sonic news!

  15. And your this iphone vs ipad sonic racing

  16. Of coruse! Is iCloud make ID apple sonic the hedgehog!

  17. {EVE LᴏᴠᴇʀGɪʀʟ28} 2022 The Precious Rose says:

    Great news! My dad got Apple Arcade and I downloaded Sonic Racing!

  18. "how to start something on a device and finish on the other if yk what i mean"

  19. Now I come to know sonic is an Apple user🥴

  20. Does this work with all the games that should be possible for this. One of the games i am wanting this to work on is stickman golf 3. Should it work on that game?

  21. игровой канал ивана says:

    Why the apps and games not free? Its not good i am dont have cash i am kid and i am love free apps,game and bla bla

  22. Apple Put One Night At Flumpty's 3 On MacBookAir

  23. But we hace to hace all the devices that output the video or it may be the devices that you have

  24. The animation is a masterpiece 😀

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