How to setup & connect PC arcade game cabinet guide! -

How to setup & connect PC arcade game cabinet guide!

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How to setup & connect PC arcade game cabinet guide mame review, this can work for xbox, ps3, or old school games like, galaga, ms.pacman, asteroids, use i-pac board to wire joysticks, mame or Hyperspin programs are most commonly used for “PC arcade”.


  1. Hello Brother. I'm Farhan from Pakistan. Brother I need IPack 2 encoder. please help me.

  2. Hey there. I bought a arcade like this and am getting a menu that pops up during game play when the joystick is moved down during play. When the menu pops up the joystick no longer controls the game. I have to quickly move the joystick back up to make it go away but it always I terrups the game. It didn’t used to do this and I don’t know how to make it go away. Any advice? Thanks so much!!

  3. Super cool Paul…good too see some gameing stuff 😀

  4. If you like the movie "The Last Star Fighter" 1984, and want a totally FREE arcade game with cabinet plans google "The Last Star Fighter"  There you can download the arcade game as seen in the movie, program and plans for the arcade cabinet.  The game was originally composed by Atari but they thought at the time it would cost $10,000 per copy to build so they didn't.  This version you can build for a whole lot less, especially since it can be added to a list of games like you have on your unit in this video. 

  5. Great Job… How about This 1979 Atari Asteroids tone that is a cool Arcade Machine

  6. Make a video on how to fix the ps3 running hot problem please

  7. I have a question Tampatec, I buy a hard drive in EBAY, so this HDD have a password, you have a idea how unlock this HDD. Thank you very much.

  8. Your audio is very low on this video and no I do not have my volume wrong. Might want to edit again and up the audio another 25 percent.

  9. Hi there. I have a mame arcade that's running boring mame32. There is a guy here in Phoenix that is selling a pc that has Hyperspin along with around 8000 games. Im considering purchasing it, but im not really sure if you can just swap the towers and it play just fine. Is that the case?
    Thanks for your time. Steven

  10. where did you get the board that you hooked the joystick/buttons into?

  11. I just got the exact same arcade it comes with the old school games I noticed the av in plugs in the bottom compartment what is it for? Can I hook up my other game systems? And if not do u know someone or somewhere that will customize for me ? Thanks awesome video too

  12. out of curiosity, how do you make the arcade accept money to play the game?

  13. the yellow wire is connected to the button and joystick right? so which part of the motherboard of the pc you connect the gray wires?

  14. hi man i have the same arcade machine thats in this video. if possible how can i hook up the side power button to work with a computer.

  15. hello.. would you describe the best pc about ram ..etc
    and the best program
    joystic ,button

  16. please make a video to make a arcade machine with old pc

  17. Is it possible to discuss with you a project that I am working on. I need advice on adding payment devices to a pc arcade that I am building.

  18. how do u get your own art work done for the whole cabnit im thinking about getting me one started.

  19. This guy has helped me so much first my LCD TV and now my arcade machine is converted thanks tampatek

  20. I got this same machine not working. I am going to do the same thing. I plan on replacing the Marquee and also swapping out the buttons. I'm going to make a video as well. I'll be using a 19" monitor in mine.

  21. 2014 what about batocera ? there is some emulator or program for pc with out windows star up just star as emulator system?

  22. Why would you replace the CRT with a LCD???? That's nuts.

  23. Ghetto setup, but still very cool for the time.

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