How To Play MAME Arcade Games On Your PS3 With RetroArch! -

How To Play MAME Arcade Games On Your PS3 With RetroArch!

Nagato’s Revenge
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Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel for today’s video I will be showing you on how to play MAME Arcade Games On Your PS3 With RetroArch! If you guys enjoyed this video please be sure to leave a like and subscribe to my channel for more daily tutorials just like this! Thank you all for watching!

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★ Prerequisites:

• A modded PlayStation 3 that is on custom firmware or using HAN/HEN.
• USB stick that is formatted to Fat32.
• M.A.M.E 2003 0.78 Roms
• Latest version of Multiman
• Latest version of RetroArch
• FileZilla FTP Client *optional if you decide to transfer your roms that way.*

★ Downloads/Useful Links:

➤ Multiman:
➤ RetroArch PS3 for CEX:
➤ RetroArch PS3 for DEX:
➤ FileZilla FTP Client:

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★ Credits:

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➤ Nagato Revenge: For making this guide and tutorial!

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  1. Great video, do you have a link where to get the MAME roms? I try to use the roms from a random site, I extract them and then copy them to the ps3 HDD. but they do not play, all I get is a black screen. Im I suppose to extract them? or the ps3 can run from the ZIP ?

  2. Do you unzip the files before you put them in the Mame folder ? Cause I did but once I open MmCM and do the root file the roms show up with ? Mark's and not stars like yours what am I doing wrong

  3. How do you download cores for retroarch. I noticed I don't have the ones you are using and how do I access the bios on fb ultra? Holding start doesn't work

  4. Seriously, what do i do wrong ?
    I follow each step you do but RetroArch always shows me empty directories ! 🙁
    Is the folders name important ? I am in the directory but empty and it shows me directory not found !

  5. Man you can copy from NTFS USB format drives with Iris Manager forks like Monster Manager or with Multiman using the file manager build inside those apps.

  6. Thanks for leaving a download link to the older version of Retroarch PS3. The new "PS3l1ght" version has an ugly GUI.

  7. Good upload. How do i create big icons for the games on retroarch?

  8. RetroArch often freezes when closing content … only solution is to restart the PS3 manually. Any ideas ?

  9. freezes on scanning zip file and freezes my ps3.

  10. get black screen and freezes the ps3 when I load a rom. How do I prevent that from happening.

  11. Mine ain't showing up in hddo bro i for everything 💯

  12. Very little on the troubleshooting and custom configuration setting.

  13. How do I access thr MAME menu? When I hold start it brings me to thr game bios menu instead.

  14. "What i need yo do now is go ahead and" press the like button 😂

  15. I have downlaoded RetroArch pkg file from here and i installed on my PS3 SuperSlim with HEN. The problem is that i have only Arcade (MAME 2000) i dont have MAME 2003. When i try to load content in Load Archieve i have only Arcade (MAME 2000) and Arcade (FB alpha 2012) I think thats the reason i cant play MAME games, my PS3 freeze when i try to load content with MAME 2000. Pls help me!

  16. Dude it's possible to play Mugen in ps3 Hen

  17. how can i handle tab key for retroarch android please can someone help

  18. Hey i don't know what core should i use for each game , and if i choose the wrong one retro arch crashes van you help me with that ?

  19. How do yo you play street fighter 2 in original resolution of 384×224 I've wanted to know for years. I've got the hang of adding filters and sorting the aspect ratio. But the resolution is wrong. I need 384×224 somehow.

  20. It sounds like you're rapping on this tutorial.

  21. Anyone knows how to to make retroarch show game names instead of file names??

  22. Is there any way possible you can direct me to the mame roms? I'm searching google but not finding a rom set to download.

  23. This is my least favorite nagatos revenge video

  24. Can just download mame games one by one?

  25. Games wont get read or run, 4.85 ps3.


  27. Informati.
    Am still wondering if "Carn Evil" can be brought to this version.

  28. Controller 2 isn't working. Even if I try to bind the buttons in the game settings, it doesn't respond as if it's not even detecting the 2nd controller. Anyone else having this problem?

  29. I don't know why but can you help me if U can BC I've encounted some problems with a lot of Roms and they don't work. When I boot the games from USB the screen goes blank and stays blank. And then I have to restart. S if U can plz help me.

  30. Can this be done on the HEN version? For super slim ps3?

  31. hello can you play rom hacks in retroarch

  32. I have version 4.89, and using CXE for PS3. The problem I am having is finding PS1 core and PS2 core on retroarch. I went to download load core and do not see sony or ps1&ps2. Could you guide me in the right direction. Or should I down load PCSX for ps3

  33. Can the PS3 support "Midway Arcade Games like UMK 3, NBA Jam and Wrestlemania" ???
    Any emulators for them ???

  34. Saludos amigo un nuevo suscritor excelente trabajo pasame el link de los roms para descargarlos por favor

  35. Saludos ermano un nuevo suscritor excelente trabajo pasame el link de los cheats para mame 2003 del core del retroarch porfavor

  36. Excellent tutorial my friend. Thank you very much.


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