How to Play, Capture and Stream Real Arcade Games at home with a Supergun - No Emulation ! | MVG -

How to Play, Capture and Stream Real Arcade Games at home with a Supergun – No Emulation ! | MVG

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Ever dreamed of owning your own arcade cabinet but don’t know where to start? Tired of laggy emulation? Want to capture and stream arcade games on twitch ? A SuperGun might be what you need.

check out this video for everything you need to know about Arcade Games on a SuperGun !


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  1. awesome. this is a great unit. great vids.

  2. now i know what a super gun is and am dreaming of my own setup, marvel vs capcom or street fighter 3 would be amazing

  3. Great video! One question: how do you get 6-button games to work on it?

  4. 7:09 Who wants to play Reshelled? Anybody… but nobody in the right mind.

  5. How do you hook up a 6 button joystick for street fighter?

  6. Most Excellent street fighter theme cover.

  7. Where are some good places you would recommend purchasing arcade PCB's from

  8. Good video. Rpi input lag also depends from the controller you are using.
    Have you ever tried Mister Fpga solution ?

  9. Using a supergun with a LCD and a Genesis controller… What's the point ? Just buy a rp at this point

  10. Just hoping more arcade cores for MiSTer will be available in the future.
    Not everyone lives in a 1st world country, sadly.

  11. Top Parabéns 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼💖

  12. Nice Space Harrier music in the beginning, love it!

  13. Do you still have that ghouls board? I have one and just set it out for repair.

  14. Can you plug tekken 3 into it or any tekken

  15. doesn't this supergun passthrough dangerouus high RGB Sync signals?

  16. Yeah, but will Twin Galaxies accept it for high scores? Answer: No one cares.

  17. I’m looking into this myself. Also super jealous you have the Arcade DiaMakaimura!

  18. Supergun…not what I expected, but I was pleasantly surprised XD

  19. amazing ! Id love to set up a super punch out with vertical screen I loved that game at arcade. It was sooooo much better than Nintendo version… I still don't know how to do the special 'select' punch that nintendo could so I cant get vary far if anyone knows how to do the special power up punch on arcade let me know please

  20. So with super gun i can play any arcade pcb board?

  21. that neo-geo longsleeve is awesome. i'm a bit jealous hahah

  22. Can you use a supergun on a 1 up converted cab? Thinking of buying a double dragon pcb board to run through a 1 up style cabinet with double dragon artwork etc.

    Can someone help me figure out how to do this if even possible?

  23. But what when u use only ROMs with it? That could be the perfect combo..

  24. How are you getting original arcade refresh rates on this setup ??

  25. One of my favorite games from the early 80's was Polybius.

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