How to play Arcade games on your Playstation Classic (Tutorial) -

How to play Arcade games on your Playstation Classic (Tutorial)

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Emulating Arcade games has always needed a little extra attention to get running on the mini systems. This is a step by step, easy to follow tutorial that covers prepping your USB Flash Drive, where to place your roms and bios files, and a few extra tips on how to make your Playstation Classic shine while playing these arcade games!

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  1. Could you give us a quick tutorial on how to add a duplicate of BRUTAL DOOM. So we could have Brutal Doom 1 & 2 next to eachother on the SNES?

  2. I just bought ps classic, i use autobleem, added few games(THPS2, Medievil, Spyro) and they all are unplayable, FPS looks like 20-50 and its totally unstable, pendrive can be reason? Or ps classic is just too weak for this games?

  3. столько воды. самое главное не сказал – чтобы нужно сделать чтобы после нажатия "import content" – появился список "MAME"? я тоже сделал импорт контента, но у меня не появляется список "MAME". почему?

  4. Does run and gun by konami run on the psc

  5. Is there a way to play amiga on It? Currently also trying neo geo. I tried to get dreamcast to run, but it was so choppy and bad, trying to find reicast xtreme but no luck with that either

  6. You did a 5 star job on this tutorial. Thank you.

  7. Quick question. Does everything have to be .zip? So I dont extract the bios files nor the rom files?

  8. Edit next day: Just found an exceptional overlay pack on my harddrive. It's YB's Classic/retroboot build on arcadepunks [88gb]-PSC.Drastic.Retoboot-YB
    If you just want a nice MAME bezel / overlay, I found a nice vertical and horizontal thanks to arcadepunks and MrHArias (MrHArias.bezel.pack) Under marquees and bezels for your cab(inet)!ChoXnaiB!Fr0fhcsV4o0D7QS52C8fz0AkE4HFsN_YExXawBrAC5U I'm sure I already have it in one of my retropie images, but I just did a quick search for you (oh and it does include png/cfg). The pack is about 131 MB. Just a casual look and it seems all the platforms are included. SNK-Neo-Geo-Horizontal.png is really nice too.

  9. Hey Patton.! Im having trouble changing the theme. I accidentally applied the "xmb" theme and now my retroarch won't even boot up when I hit square on the Auto Bleem screen. Do you know how I can get retroarch to load again.?

  10. I am using bleemsync with retroarch and cannot get mame 2003 core to run simpsons2p arcade or moonwalker arcade both 0.78 Roms. Could you do a tutorial for this. I am using PlayStation classic.

  11. Has anyone been able to run TMNT? I've tried to and made sure it's from the MAME 0.78 set, but no luck. I've seen people running it so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

  12. Awesome video! Finally got my Mame roms to work! Do you have any videos on how to make colecovision roms work with the Blue emulator or any emulator?

  13. Did you manage to get the mortal Kombat stuff running? Runs without sound for me with the same romset

  14. I have followed this tutorial but for some reason it doesn't work!

  15. you are a lifesaver man, I searched for about 2 hours and only your video provided me all the info I needed! 😀

  16. Thank you so much, I've tried so many mame websites and I only got three games to work on my playstation classic. After watching this video I took your advice and used the mame roms that you mentioned and now I've a lot of arcade games on my playstation classic. I can't thank you enough! Dude you're fricking awesome!

  17. do you have a video on how to change MAME arcade controller settings for games like marvel super heros and marvel vs capcom? if not can you PLEASE make one. PLEASE!!!

  18. Does this work on bleem sync? where can I download my arcade roms?
    the ones That I used don´t work . Please help

  19. What website did you get the emulators from? Or websites 😁

  20. My mame games doesnt appear on a list. Im using the 0.78 games and scan the directory but the retroarch doesnt recognize it. HELP

  21. My mame games doesnt appear on a list. Im using the 0.78 games and scan the directory but the retroarch doesnt recognize it. HELP

  22. Great tutorial but where do I get the bios files?

  23. Can anyone please help me with this? I'm trying to follow each step in this video over and over but Retroarch doesn't recognize my games when I scan the directory. All of my ROM files are from Mame 0.78 romset like Patton mentioned. Still they don't show up. Am I missing something?

  24. if i unplug the usb will the console still be in its original state with saves and all?

  25. Do i skip the first step(replace retroarch) if i have the full autobleem version?

  26. ty again. I tried to play batsugun on the ps classic but it wont load, i test donpochi and it worked but why would batsugun not work?

  27. Hi, I've had a lot of success and failure along the way with all kinds of stuff modding my PSC. I never put any bios files for arcade games so I'll have to do that. For sure having most success using 0.78 2003 mame arcade set. I have noticed files from different places individually or in a big pack differ when used. Not all files are created equal even when coming from same exact place. I guess how people rip mame games too? I don't know. My questions are my PSC recognizes mame 2000, mame 2003, mame 2003 plus and mame 2010. Most success from mame 20003. Does PSC recognize any other mame sets? And has anyone had lots of success besides using mame 0.78? I did a neogeo file in roms using autobleem and it seems the games came up nicely and play well under mame 2010. I'd like to get the SF3, SF second impact and SF3 third strike up and running. So far no luck even getting the games to recognize. Anyone have success running CP1, CP2 and CP3 arcade games as well? I have a lot of hit and miss with roms from all over working. It's frustrating and very exciting at the same time. Thanks for any help. Would love to be signed up to a good PSC message board to get help and help others with basic stuff I've gone thru as well.

  28. Anyone here also had their memory card crash, get frozen and mess up or delete some of their games on that card? I've had it crash twice where it removed a bunch of mame games. Always easy to replace again but alittle depressing as who wants this happen every once in a while. I only use 32GB memory cards right now. I had big plans for a 128GB build but with these 2 crash and burns that project on hold. Just want good stable reliable stuff. I didn't add these files so I will do so. Hope it helps. Anything else recommend for arcade games? Still would like to get SF3 series but cant figure out how to get them running? Thanks

  29. Question…would this allow me to play CPS3 games?

  30. i added mame games and none of them play I did step by step. so I don't know what went wrong

  31. How in the world do i get the controllers to be mapped right? on final fight i got it close. instead my jump button is the triangle? i want it to be x? i saw that i have to set as digital and not anolog for it to move with the d pad

  32. It didn't scanned captain commando correctly, it shows up on playlist bu when you're about to run the game there's no core available to pick it and play it.

  33. Where can i download cores? I cant run arcade games

  34. Do I always got to format a flashdrive to FAT32 when saving, moving, games ?

  35. I still making a playlist manually, cheking tops and downloading and testing alot of versions, revisions of the best mame games, took me alot of time but is very beautiful how my retroarch still looking 😀

  36. Question.
    I want to play the arcade version of soul calibur on mame.
    Would that run on retroarch om the psclassic? What cores would I need?
    Can you help/advise?

  37. I’m having trouble adding the arcade games

  38. This is awesome! Question, how do you know what rom set you have?

  39. Hey bro great video thanks for sharing… I was Curious if you or anyone you know could help me get Alien VS Predator working on the retroarch for project eris on the mini PlayStation

  40. Can you do X-Men Arcade (4 Player)? And can you unplug your USB’s whenever because I also want to use another usb with all the PS1 games rom hack? What’s the specific USB type?

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