How to Make an Arcade Machine: Part 2 -

How to Make an Arcade Machine: Part 2

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In part two of How to make an Arcade Machine, Mike from The Geek Pub walks through the process of installing all of the electronics into the arcade cabinet. Using this machine you will be able to play all of the old school retro arcade games including PacMan and Galaga!

In part three of this video we will cover installing all of the t-moulding, the lighted marquee, and the graphics on the sides.

Plans will be available shortly:

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  1. Hello! Do you sell your arcade cabinets? Looking to commission someone for a custom. 🙂

  2. It would look more nostalgic with a CRT monitor installed 😉

  3. u didnt show how u got the coin box to work …. do did u gt it to register coin inputs on the pc/ emulator

  4. Dumb question. Do the plans on your site include how to wire the controls to the computer? I am extremely new to this. But building one of these has been a dream I have had for a while.

  5. Question, is the monitor just sitting in the cabinet and on the rails or did you secure it more? I haven't found anything else on the blueprints or website?

  6. Hi.  Great video.  Thanks.  The software I've been finding is all emulation of home games.  Donkey Kong looks all like Colecovision.  Where do you get original arcade ROMs?  Thank you.

  7. I plan on using your videos and website to source my own project, one thing I noticed that you may consider is taking 30 seconds or so near the end of the videos to point out where viewers can find your other videos "see description below" kind of thing. I know it may seem mundane but the more basic you make it the more praise you'll recieve.

  8. I was wondering on what type of PC you used for this arcade. It looked like a custom build one but wasn't for sure. And would do you have preference on a PC tower arcade compared to your Raspberry Pi arcade.

  9. does the monitor just rest in the machine or is it secured somehow?

  10. Hi. I am still very confused about how the coin mech works. I have looked on the webpage and am very confused. Could you explain how to set it up to me? Thanks!

  11. Does hyperspin work with mame? Or is there any special software that's needed ?

  12. Could I apply this to an old classic cabinet if I remake the top where the buttons go?

  13. What is the link or title of the video for installing the games and set up?

  14. We're do all the coins go ? The geek pub

  15. I have a question. Are the buttons on the left and right end sides of the control panel coin buttons? I'm confused. I also barely saw the joystick being wired in the video.

  16. What size monitor will this cabinet support? I think I’m gonna use your plans. What’s the largest size monitor that can be added?

  17. I have got to make one of these! Thanks so much for the help!

  18. When is part 3 coming. Great video by the way

  19. Is there any advantage in using the PCs board to wire the controllers, versus connecting the wire directly to the pins on the raspberry pi?

  20. What kind of buttons/switches did you use? I've been shopping around for fightsticks for the Ps4 and it seems like there are some premium options (Hori Hayabusa, Sanwa/Seimitsu, etc) but I'm curious if you think they are worth it for a project like this?

  21. Is the coin door just for looks or is it practical

  22. anyone notice that 1up is on the right side of the cabinet ? I've always known 1up to be left

  23. I was looking for how actual arcade cabinets were made, but this is okay I guess.

  24. Thanks for these videos Mike – I'm looking forward to making my machine.. One question – does your inclusion of the TOUCH screen LCD mean that you use that to scroll through and choose your game through the front-end? What front-end do you use?

  25. This might be a dumb question but I always thought those happ joysticks should be installed from the top with a stud and a nut. I like how you just used screw to install from the bottom. I wanna put iL Eurosticks in my SF2 Arcade1up cab, which screws did you use? My control deck is only .5" thick mdf so my screws would have to be shorter but those screws look like the perfect size for the joystick mounting plates!

  26. Looks good. If you take the plastic off the front of the monitor you can get the monitor sitting a lot more flush with the screen bezel. Then run the screen bezel right around the scree

  27. Nice job bro! I love arcade builds … Keep em comin! Chur 🙂

  28. I'm an absolute beginner with electrical wiring in that I have no idea what I'm doing but I wanted to add a switch to the bartop build. I've bought everything I need but now I have a problem. Even after buying the plans from the site I'm clueless as to how to wire in a switch to the whole setup seeing as the switch is separate from the quad box. I have three spools of wire each color coded white/black/green. I also have wire caps. Should I cap the the black wires from the power cord and switch together and then run loose black wire from the switch to the 2 gang box setup as usual? Then run power cord's neutral wire straight to the 2 gang box setup as usual and cap all ground wires together?

  29. a windows pc to run a simple arcade machine… are you kidding me? for $80 you can get a pandorabox 3D or something similar. $110 and you have a pandorabox 3d together with all the switches for a 2 player arcade and 2 joysticks.

  30. Great build. How did you install your bezel? I bought your plans and am up to that stage now.

  31. Looking for something to complain about. When he screwed that switch down on the top and did one side all the way down. It sounded like something crunched and looked like it flexed. I can see the switch bursting into flames down the road. Did it ?

  32. I know this is a older post. But is it possible to provide some direction on how to wire up the receptacle and switch. I have stuck on this for hours. Thanks

  33. I'd say switch the joysticks to some 4 to 8 way's and you're all set.

  34. Nice video bro. It sounds like the Bluejays wanna play galaga. Did you need to use an amplifier with the speakers? Or just wire them straight from the raspberry?

  35. At 5:38 .. I must say, good choice of including a microwave in your cabinet. I also crave a hot pocket whilst gaming. Cheers!

  36. If your going to play mostly games from the 80s turn the screen sideways and go for that if it’s 90s games go for this version

  37. I wish you would have shown me how to connect the plugs to the light switch, I'm trying to figure it out.

  38. Good stuff. Although I really don't get why so many of these builds are putting a coin slot on the front……

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