How to make an Arcade Machine: Part 1 -

How to make an Arcade Machine: Part 1

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In part one of How to make an Arcade Machine, Mike from The Geek Pub walks through the process of building the arcade cabinet. Using this machine you will be able to play all of the old school retro arcade games including PacMan and Galaga!

In part two of this video we will cover installing all of the electronics into the arcade cabinet, including the use of MAME (Mega Arcade Multi Emulator) and the Maximus Arcade front-end on a Windows 8 PC.

This arcade machine cabinet is custom made from MDF. We drill all of the holes for the joystick and buttons, along with slots for the coin door! In part three of the series we will install the lighted marquee and graphics.

Plans will be available shortly:

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  1. What kind of paint were you using on that MDF and did it take more than one coat?

  2. Ouch I was enjoying this video until you said windows 8 and mouse and keyboard. The mouse and keyboard I can forgive you for, but what is the point of an arcade cabinet if you are going to play some pc games on it? A wirless keyboard and mouse and not having the keyboard tray would have been a lot simpler. You would also want to be on windows 7 and not (spits) 8.

  3. I'm Brazilian and I like your work, congratulations.

  4. There is no way in any corner of the multi-verse that I would be able to do this.

  5. Great Job! in regards, is it possible to make one that has Dual Screens for games like Punch Out?

  6. It would be really great to see a Retro Pie arcade with a 8" SONY PVM 8042Q (or similar, with RGB). An arcade that could be sit on a DESK. I'm trying to find it on internet, but I think nobody had this idea.

  7. Hi Master TheGeekPub, beautiful work that you did! "I congratulate you" Greetings from Mexico. 🙂

  8. Nice video, gave me some useful tips. I'm in the middle of my build. The cabinet hinges was a nice touch. I wasn't going to allow the front to open (just a coin door), but i figure all that space inside can be utilized for storage of my classic Atari 2600, NES, SNES games etc.

  9. amazing tools and workshop. i made mine arcade top with only DIY tools lol

  10. This would be a lot cooler if the plans were free.

  11. YOOOooo! Really nice job bro … Subbed & Liked all the way from New Zealand … Chur 🙂

  12. Good day sir can you upload DIY arcade basketball machine how it's work Couse I like to make it one .the most cheapest DIY machine basketball arcade tnx pls upload god blss

  13. Thank you for this helpful video. I'm going to open a resturaunt with a arcade in it. This does show me how to make the exterior

  14. Yay time to make polybius and put it in my room!!!

  15. You make it look so easy, a caveman could do it!

  16. Thanks for the video! What kind of black paint did you use?! Bought your plans off your site great work!

  17. What’s the height, length and width of this cabinet?

  18. Hello, I know this is an older video, but a ? For you as I am going to be making one as well. Why use MDF instead of 3/4 plywood? Just wondering thanks

  19. Awesome videos…Thanks sooo much….Dude I am fighting with controllers…Specifically the hot key does not want to work….any advice????Thanks in advanced…Cheers Jeff

  20. good job but hey ENTIRE machine is made of MDF, not MFC. with your experience, you do not think that the cutting MFC with a jigsaw is harder. not criticising, I am just asking as I found out from Geek Pub that the problem I may have is for the guide bearing of my Bosch jigsaw. because i made a mess today for four shelves!!!!
    i have to say i do not think Bosch is good jigsaw as you mentioned. looking on guide bearing looks like the DeWALT has a better and more secure bearing.

  21. Hi! Great Video and I think I found my summer project 😀 I've read that MDF is hard to paint because it is so porous – how many coats did it take and did you sand in between?

  22. Purchased the plans for this machine and built it successfully. This was my first time building something like this and it turned out great. Thanks so much!

  23. how did you paint this? did you use primer or anything?

  24. You too can make an arcade cab if you have a bunch of costly tools

  25. I was just wondering what paint you used? How many coats? And PSI. Looks like it layer down nice without primer.

  26. I have ordered the plans, and watched the videos. Where do you explain how to actually mount the monitor? Did I miss it somewhere?

  27. Does your online plans include a template to print up some artwork?

  28. 0:37 Is there some sort of measurement you do to figure out where to set the compass down or did you just test out different spots until you got the desired effect?

  29. What method do you use to secure the panels if you are using backer blocks? Brad nails and glue?

  30. please where can i find this ink u painted the cabinet which name of this ink ????

  31. Nice video, however for myself, 1) get propertyland with a shop or place to build a shop. 2) fill shop with 50K – 100K worth of tools. 3) Build Game Cab. 🙂

  32. What blade are you using for the jig saw when cutting the shape ? Also what kinda paint to use?
    Thanks awesome job

  33. Anyone know what kind of caulk he used before painting? Does everyone seal their joints that way?

  34. I still wonder about the height of the cabinet as well as the height of the controls, why, well mostly ergonomics. if the controls are too high or too low it's not comfortable, neither a screen which is too low cos your neck and shoulders will hurt. Are there some guidelines for arcades, meaning some smart people looked into the most ideal heights for arcades so it's the most comfortable for most people? or is it just well about waist high for the controls, monitor above that and it should be good??

    I couldn't help but wonder, why are you doing the painting barefooted? 😃😃

  35. hey can you make a arcade cabinet with a drop in pandora box

  36. I don't have space for a table saw because I live in the city, but I'm totally stealing your circular saw straight edge guide trick.

  37. Nice mame machine. It's not a true arcade, but it will work for a home game play.

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