How To: Install RetroPie 4.4 and Setup MAME on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ Play ARCADE GAMES! -

How To: Install RetroPie 4.4 and Setup MAME on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ Play ARCADE GAMES!

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In this video, I’ll demonstrate the hardware needed to setup and run RetroPie on the Raspberry Pi 3B+. That is, we’ll cover where to download RetroPie, how to burn the image file, how to copy the ROM (game) files and configure the MAME games.

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Raspberry 3b+

Power Supply (with power button)

Perixx PERIBOARD-514H Plus Wired Keyboard with Trackball (USB)

128Gb microSD

Controller Link (similar, exact one I used is no longer available)

HDMI-to-VGA Adapter (only needed if you want to hook your Pi to a VGA Monitor):

Software (burning the RetroPie .img file to the microSD)
Since this video, changed to .
Another option instead of using etcher is Win32 Disk Imager:

If interested in creating a bar-top, table-top or full size arcade cabinet with your RetroPie, then you may want to consider this (I personally have used it in x3 RPi Arcades and they work great):

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I’m also building a Restrictor Plate that for the above joystick that doesn’t require opening the cabinet. Here’s my video on that:



  1. Do we need BIOS files? How does that work?

  2. Mine won't start retropie..
    It keeps hanging on auto login text.
    Some times it will show the splash screen,then black screen and then nothing or again to command menu.
    Please help!

  3. how much storage should use for the micro sd

  4. I always wondered what happened to Wagner after the X-Factor…

  5. I am want to use my raspberry pi as a NAS and a console by booting from a usb stick
    . Is this possible?

  6. I'm trying to get techmo world up 98 and have trouble to get it to work on mame plz gelpv

  7. Great content! Thank You! Should i copy some mame bios? Some of roms don’t work on my Retropie 4.6 (raspberry 4B). Thanx!

  8. So he I'm a fairly new subscriber and I like your content a lot. Good job. I was wondering has anyone ever told you that you look like Conway Twitty? LOL so keep up the good work

  9. I want to play Frogger on a (former) Pacman Quarter Arcade.

  10. Question so you don't have to unzip the ROM when you download and make it an image to put in retro pie. Another site said to u zip the ROM and make it an image then install in SD card and connect to retro pie

  11. mame for all folder isn’t there for me, tips?

  12. I'm a total newbie to Retropie and arcades and not very technical. Your content is awesome!!! Thank you so much for putting together something that goes through the entire process. I'm almost there but I'm stuck on getting my games to run – I just saw another comment below about MAME's which might be my answer. 😀

  13. I'm considering building a cocktail cabinet…will this retropi run MAME in cocktail if you set management settings for it…also can you load "Clone" or "Sub games" that are on MAME for example Pac-Man has over 25 clone games

  14. At the beginning of the games, the screen output is all garbled before it loads to the normal game. Is that common for all games? Is there a way to fix that?

  15. This creates a 255mb boot drive on my 32gb card. no rooms for games 🙁

  16. Thank you!! Liked an subscribe to as many videos as I could. I have a ton of Mame files that won’t load. Pac-Man is an example. I’ve downloaded and installed all the mame emulators through RP manage package location. Do you have any videos that might help me w this? Thank you!! 🙏🏻

  17. Thank you very much for your detailed video. I m just a click away to Buy Raspberry Pi400 full kit. I 'm wondering wich retroPie image will fit. Perchaps for Raspberrry pi 3/4gb. Greetings from Greece

  18. This man looks like George Lucas, almost twins at this point probably.

  19. Here's the problem that I'm having. It seems to be twofold.

    1) Right here.13:30 It only show 0 and then Hidden ESSID. Those are my only two options.

    2) Apparently if I shut off Raspberry Pi (I have Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+) for any reason, or if it asks me to reboot and I say yes, the HDMI signal is lost and I can't get it back unless…I repeat the process of flashing the image.

    So I'm stuck in a loop here.

    Can't get wifi, can't turn off Pi or else I'll have to flash it again, but I can't go further so I'll basically be stuck with the menu screen anyway.

  20. Fantastic video! I want to try this at some point and I think you have sold me a Raspberry Pi! 😀

  21. Will this work for Capcom Play System ROMs? Or do I need to add a separate emulator? Do they use the MAME emulator shown here?

  22. i had to enable ssh before my computer could see it, but otherwise very good tutorial

  23. Nice Video
    Ill took the usb device for roms.
    Ive could (like you) add it in the mame.
    They are mame roms for sure.
    But they didnt work,what could it be?

  24. Do bigger games run just as well like turtles

  25. I have a Raspberry Pi 4, model b, running a Retropie build for the Legends Ultimate, which has multiple analogue controls, two player controls, ect. I'm having trouble getting the "tab" function to work. I have a USB keyboard in the Pi, but every time I hit TAB, nothing happens. I can't get out to the mame menu, to set controls, for a given game. Any thoughts? The keyboard is in one of the USB 2 ports.

  26. Does Retro pi come with all the emulators or does emulation station provide this?

  27. How long does the image take to copy onto the Sd my progress bar isn’t moving!

  28. I’m not able to connect to WiFi this really isn’t working out for me!

  29. And I thought it would be much more complex that this. Thanks so much for the walk through. I played mame on my PC years ago but was a bit apprehensive doing it on a pi. This has given me heaps of confidence doing. As I wanted to make different size version of mame. Ultimately a full sized cabinet one. As well as a pocket version and mini portable table top.

  30. Do you know what would cause the games (arcade classics to lag)? I have power plugged into wall (no lightning bolt to indicate low power), changed out sd cards, have tv switched to game mode. I'm running a Pi4.

  31. can you use a USB Multiport with Raspberry PI and RetroPIe

  32. I know its too late, You are not very clear in making videos

  33. You kind of skipped over how to setup wirelessly sending games to the pie and my pc can’t seem to connect to it over my network…

  34. I'm sure this has been asked a few times but being there are so many versions of mame what version is best for raspberry pi

  35. Ive seen a bunch of videos in regards to mame games not working. Mame is so complicated. What romset should i use out the box? Im seeing people sayong 2003, 2003+, 2010, building a new romset from scratch… im so confused lol

  36. Commenting 4 years late on this video, but I can't wait till life puts me in a position to use this info…. Even if that's a long time from now, I have to comment and say thanks for this video, I've already made a (*private*) playlist for all the videos from this channel that I know I'll need someday in the future….
    And man, is that list stacking up…
    Always good to have things to look forward to doing in life

  37. Just was thinking about building an arcade cabinet and seen some great ideas to build one where space is at a premium (one was using a shoe cabinet). Was initially going to use a desktop but the ideas that I've seen talk of using a Raspberry pi. I have no experience using one but this video has given me the knowledge and confidence to go and purchase one and get to work on it pretty soon. Thanks

  38. Are games fluid or lagging comoated to pc ?

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