How to HACK AND WIN Arcade Game Jackpots 🕹👾 w OnlyJayus - #Shorts -

How to HACK AND WIN Arcade Game Jackpots 🕹👾 w OnlyJayus – #Shorts

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  1. I’ve used the claw one before it works 👍

  2. Thank you for this I’m going to Dave & Buster’s with my dad in a few weeks so this will help me a ton

  3. I love how she didn’t show some of the jackpot wins cause she probably didn’t make them 🙂 🤣😍😁

  4. Done it. Won a bunch of stuff. Got banned for life cuz I broke their system! Hä hä hä!

  5. I agree with the claw machine one. The claw can be changed to make it harder than it should be.

  6. I know how to do the first one it won’t let you win the jackpot more then 1 time It always stops at the one before

  7. did they just let you inside the claw for the video??

  8. ༄𖣘𝗠𖣘༄ says:

    Was genuinely amused by the claw machine part

  9. "What did you get at the claw machine?"
    "A jayus"

  10. I tried the claw machine hack and now I'm stuck inside


  11. Bro just get inside the claw machine! Not that hard 🥰

  12. Thing with Cyclone is, the settings can be changed so the jackpot CANT be hit until a set number of games have been played.

  13. How the hell are you supposed to get into a claw machine? 😟

  14. Cyclone is actually a rigged game and no matter how hard you try, your supposed to only win one in every 35 tries. Watch mark roobers video.

  15. Also just…luck. For cyclone the Arcade Master can set how many jackpots can happen in a certain amount of time. So even if you get a jackpot, it might not give it to you.

  16. Sadly it depends on the arcade because a lot of the machines are rigged to only allow a payout after so many plays

  17. Damn are u good at everything!?
    Ol perfect azz lol

  18. The timing ones are programmed to not let jackpots happen until a certain amount of money has been spent.

  19. The last one just existing:

    Me at my 3-year-old sibling: you finally have a use

  20. I remember once going to an arcade with two friends and just destroying that first game. We kept winning like 10 times but for some reason when you win you could still play again straight away and if U win again it will continue to count until they give U the total tickets of what you won. So my friends and I kept playing and won like 10 times so it totalled until 10k. However when you do this no one else could play because for some reason it won't let anyone else play when tickets are racking up. We did this at 12pm so none of the kids could play 😭


    Also, you should've went to an arcade that's in more than one countries cuz now peeps like me know that you live somewhere near Austin, if not Texas.

  22. Today's my birthday whooo🥳🥳🎉🎉

  23. The cyclone won’t work it’s set to only jackpot at certain intervals(usually every 30 cause that’s the factory standard but it depends on what the owner sets it as)

  24. I just came back from the arcade with a 6’2 plushie

  25. What if you go in the claw and someone wins you?

  26. Was literally just at dave and busters, I'm so happy I'm addicted to youtube

  27. bruh, the cyclone is everything BUT timing, mark rober made a whole vid about that lol

  28. I'm sad, around where I live our malls suck and we dont have arcades, I wanna go and try one out but I've never had the chance to

  29. How u get in a claw machine do I
    U use magic

  30. The cyclone one is rigged, no matter how well you time it, it will land either 1 too short or 1 too far. The owner can set how much wins per plays people can get and mark rober made a pretty good video on this

  31. How did you get into the claw machine? 😅

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