How To Add A Coin Acceptor Mechanism To Your RetroPie Arcade Build -

How To Add A Coin Acceptor Mechanism To Your RetroPie Arcade Build

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In this video, I show you how to wire and set up an Arcade Coin Door / Coin Mechanism Acceptor on your Raspberry running RetroPie.
This X-Arcade Coin Door is one of the best coin doors in have found so far and I can defiantly recommend for your Arcade build.

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  1. Sir if i use the other coinslot the one that you show the cheap one from china how or where will i put the wiring for coin slot

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  3. Just to recap. I already have a arcade build finished with a coin and select button wired and working. Now I want to add the coin mech, but I want to still be able to use the coin button if I don't feel like using the quarters. So all I have to do is tap off the working coin button to run the coin mech correct? Then both will be working at the same time giving me the option to use both, right?

  4. Have a question. The clicker that the coin hits before it falls out of the bottom of the coin mechanism doesn't add credits when the coin goes thru. Even when I take my finger and click the clicker it makes no noise for credits. What could be the issue?

  5. how to wire the power on that cheap coin acceptor,help please

  6. how to wire those china coin slot for coin acceptor

  7. Can i use different coin values on retropie?

  8. You should show if you put in anything other than a quarter. Does it reject it?

  9. No point in having an arcade cab without a working coin door 👀👀👀

  10. Great video! I have a question though. What exactly are the ‘quick connect’ pieces he is using? And how do you connect the using the wires that cane with the coin mechanism. It’s probably very simple, I have zero wiring experience. Maybe there is a video showing how to do it?

    Also, if someone can provide a link to the ‘quick connect’ product on Amazon, it would be much appreciated.

  11. 7:11 How you get this menu please ? (where you can choose consol, the menu at 7:11)
    I'm using retropie on a raspberry pi 3B+ and emulestation
    Thanks for respons dude and thanks for the video

  12. Hello friend what is your recommendation RPi or PC?

  13. This is awesome, I just wish Amazon Canada carried it 😪

  14. been looking around everywhere but cant find an answer. what are you guys using to collect the coins and keep it safe until you come with a key to collect them?

  15. Well couldn’t you just press tab while in a game to open up the MAME menu and then map that switch to coin one only for that game? Then any NES or SNES games don’t have to have a rewired select button

  16. Perfect and thank you very much great job 👍 do you have the link for coin slot i like to buy 2 of this items ?? Thanks again

  17. Grand total of $95 for me, thanks ETA prime. First build … newbie here.

  18. How do I add a coin acceptor to a Pandora box?

  19. how would/can you connect this to the xtension emulator edition with that included controller?(since it has its own encoder)

  20. Would this work with the xarcade tank stick

  21. Man now i can charge my annoying cousin to play games 🤣

  22. Can you do these work with a vanilla Arcade1up cabinets?
    (Edit was me adding work)

  23. Bro someone did that with PS4, show us how to do this

  24. How do we add money paper receptor mechanism on PS4

  25. so how does one use both select button and a coin slot button? like a coin button on the front aswell as the coin slot so you can choose to use either?

  26. cool so i can also install a Sacoa RFID arcade reader to the Arcade1up machine in combination with Retropie.. i work for an redemption center, which have those devices laying around.. it would be cool to charge people a little bit of money (25cnt) just to play on the Arcade1up 🙂

  27. I want to make an arcade machine and let people pay to play. 😉

  28. ابواق و اقلام تحالف العدوان السعودية هكذا يعملون

  29. I need help i got a coin acceptor used and the push to eject latches are missing so the push to eject button dorsnt work, how can i solve this? Ive tried ebay and cant figure out what to search. A coin eject push latch doesnt appear

  30. is there a way to do this but make it a timer instead? like 1.00 for 15 minutes of play? thanks in advance

  31. Hello i need to buy a double coin door please. Where can i purchase one

  32. Where can i buy a double coin door

  33. Will this work on “atgames legends ultimate”?

  34. I wish this was made with a Pandora's box family version.

  35. does the secondary coin slot work for the other controller side player 2?

  36. ETA Prime, you're my hero! So many of your videos have helped me with projects…thank you so much for making these great tutorials!! Worked perfectly!

  37. please make a tutorial to config it to comercial use, raspberry has way better software to arcade games, pandora didnt even have different config buttons to different buttons, is horrible

  38. The New USB encoders have ribbon plugs. how do you add the coin acceptor to that?

  39. Genuine question. What is the point of a coin mechanism for a home arcade machine? I just don't get why so many people add one. Who in the world liked paying money back in the day? And why would you want to replicate that? Its like getting actual speeding tickets playing your racing game…

  40. Hey man, I'm trying to figure out how to sub out a button on my x-arcade stick to the coin acceptor (cheap one on Amazon). Where can I get the 'quick connects' for the thin wires that come with the coin acceptor so I can simply disconnect the micro switch from the button on the arcade stick and insert it into the coin connector without having to solder or cut any of the wires? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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