How This Arcade Game Self Builds HUGE Coin Towers #shorts -

How This Arcade Game Self Builds HUGE Coin Towers #shorts

Mystery Matt
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  1. Can u open the gumball machine to c the coins

  2. Replace "a lot of people" with "literally no one."

  3. Asked to show how coin tower is made
    Doesn't show how it's made

  4. Do you get the coins back after you win them?

  5. I've played these games it takes 5+ minutes to stack the tower

  6. try putting a big and powerful magnet at the glass of the machine (if these coins are even magnetic, i don't have these here)

  7. I'm surprised it can rotated the tower that quickly without it wobbling at all

  8. Life sucks. Not many happy times.

    But when happy times come, they feel like they last forever.

  9. What exactly do I get with 1k tickets??? I haven’t gone to Dave and busters in a long time

  10. It would be pretty cool if like you can shoot coins so you can destroy towers and get extra coins

  11. Nice you didnt explain how it worked at all, thanks for that

  12. Juro que eu achava que era o pessoal que trabalha nesses lugares que montavam essas Torres nas maquinas

  13. Wait tickets? You don’t get the quarters?

  14. the angry birds coin game at my nearby arcade has a sticker on it saying to watch ur video lol

  15. What showed the tower being made. But not how it does it.

  16. I use to work on this machine. Really complicated they break very easily unfortunately.

  17. Never gamble. You can't win without losing everything.

  18. didn't he also make a video about him building that tower?

  19. Wait so you don’t get the money you only get tickets?

  20. Wow, it makes the tower with a device? You don't say!

  21. Aww come on man I was the Dave and buster king don’t give away my secrets

  22. Still not as low as the Mega Man 4 health bar

  23. **************************!$*****************

  24. **************************!$*****************

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