How pro arcade players plays the dancing machines -

How pro arcade players plays the dancing machines

Rong Rong
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  1. Beating mettaton feels you with DETERMINATION

  2. With this treasure i summon
    The Undertale fanbase 👇👇👇

  3. It’s takes dedication to get a perfect score on those games like it’s not a hobby for everyone but it damn sure is impressive to watch each time

  4. Это самый сложный танец 😂😂😂

  5. Please tell me the name of the song on machine 2

  6. Решительно включил музыку меттатона почему то заиграла битва с сансом

  7. U watched as the viewer count goes up, it fills you with determination

  8. Song names?? Other thant mettaton one

  9. Everyone goes about their business
    I'm in my room.

  10. Use your Determination to dance and keep dancing

  11. Третий настоящий топ

  12. Watching a glamorous robot dance fills you with determination

  13. El último necesitas mucha determinacion😮

  14. your telling me y’all don’t just turn into mettaton

  15. "Imagine being FNF, couldn't be me"
    My professor asking the question
    Me hearing the guy on the phone in FNF
    "Ah shit, here we go again"
    "911 Whats your Emergency?"

  16. He's built different, he has more determination then Gaster

  17. Это видео наполняет вас решимостью.
    Да❤ Нет

  18. С меттатона меня порвало, лол.

  19. У третьего чела веселье😂

  20. dancing because it's skilful: nuh
    Dancing for the glamour:ye

  21. I hope he's secure… Cause that looks like that might hurt. Σ (゚Д゚;)

  22. Comenta isma, niño, miguel, carlos, pan o dante si me conoces

  23. Nah, hol up, this just reminded me of something cringe I used to do. Ok, so everyone knows Sans' final attack where he goes mad with his blue power and just throws you against the walls, right? I watched his movements from a no-hit video so much that I used to be able to mirror him perfectly. When he moved his arm I moved my arm. It was so cringe, idk why i learned how to, no I cant do it today, yes I just tried to

  24. 1st player: it's so hard i can't even keep up
    2nd player: it's best transition for my tiktok
    3rd player: stand proud noobs

  25. In the fight mettaton goes super speed so imagine that man doing that moves in super speed

  26. Seeing this sort of thing irl is nuts

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