How I Made a PROFIT at the Arcade Playing THIS 100% SKILL GAME! -

How I Made a PROFIT at the Arcade Playing THIS 100% SKILL GAME!

Arcade Matt
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Today I’m at Tilt Studios Arcade playing the unique 100% skill arcade game, the Star Meow Prize arm game. You knock over gems worth different ticket values hoping for the big 1,000 ticket jackpot. I do a challenge with only $30 and playing only this game to see how many tickets I can win and after I cash in all of my arcade tickets, I’ll then see if I can make a profit getting prizes worth more than $30! Can I Profit?

Check out Tilt’s awesome arcades:

(This video is NOT sponsored by Tilt & I used my own money. I simply love their arcades and the variety of the games they have. They are kind enough to let us film there to share these awesome, unique games!)



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About Arcade Matt:

I make arcade videos! My passion started with the claw machine and continued to arcade ticket games. I also play games that give prizes like Stacker and Keymaster. The coin pusher is also another favorite – some I play winning quarters, others I win arcade tickets. On some games I even show hacks how to win. I also play carnival games winning big prizes! If you love anything about the arcade, subscribe for new videos every week, and let’s play!

How I Made a Profit at the Arcade Playing THIS 100% SKILL GAME!

Arcade Matt


  1. You’re a champ at this game! Love the videos. Been watching since you were Matt3756!

  2. That's so cool goober. Loved the video. Keep up with the awesome work bro.😎😎😎😎💖💖

  3. Can't believe they put so much work into overhauling this arcade.
    The games are good, but SUPER expensive and the mall is a shell of it's former self.

  4. I won a PS5 on the stacker game today

  5. This game is a perfect example of yeah, I might get a good amount of tickets but would I be happy spending 30 dollars in 5 minutes. Probably not, I'd rather have more fun for my money when in the arcade than speedrunning my balance out of there.

  6. Awesome video Matt! That is so cool how you can earn so many tickets on just one game! Are you planning on going to more arcade places in other states this year?

  7. Congrats on winning the Sonic plush and a box of yard dice.

  8. 30 swipes, 9100 tickets is over 300 tickets per swipe.

    Plus you had 4750 on your first 8 swipes when all the big ones were in the machine. Just shy of 600 tickets per swipe.

  9. Do that challenge again but this time make it a $100 challenge and see what prize you can get ?

  10. Great video and review of that game, it's really not often that you can make a profit at the arcade. Where I am in the UK, you'll never make money out of an arcade; the arcade will make the money out of you. You just play it for fun – if you want a good prize, just go to the store and buy it. :p

  11. Very nice! Gotta love the old "elevator" versions where hitting a puck dispenses a puck of the same value – infinite 1,000s is amazing!

  12. i be tempted to keep the actual clear things which your meant to hand into place (mostly least keep say one of 1000 point ones)!

  13. Start, "Dude, Shebang, I was going for that one, Killing it" Repeat

  14. Very cool game Matt reminds me of zombie snatcher.

  15. People tend to put an emphasis on “making a profit” but they forget they’re having fun and usually that costs money. If you break even you’re winning because you get to have fun while playing.
    You always seem to have fun Matt so I know you don’t care about profit, thanks for the video mate 👍🏻

  16. Your other momma from McKeesport (still in Harrisburg…ugh) so proud of you!!! Watched JJ yesterday w you dudes at a carnival. Can't wait for more Kennywood volgs!!!!!!

  17. Do some Casino games or craps. Would like to see this channel grow up.

  18. I’ve never seen a cat version of the arm game, it’s so cute!

  19. Those $12 went to the gas for going there and back home

  20. Glad to see that you are doing the videos where you only play one machine and see how much you earned off of that game alone. I like seeing how one game pays the player out on a good day.

  21. Going to grab some popcorn. You do the same goobers!

  22. If that took an hour…you made $12 an hour….better than minimum wage lol

  23. Back in the 80's and 90's those style games had things like pocket knives, watches and cash in the capsules.

  24. Awesome video Matt, is this the tilt in Altoona Bc still the best time of my life meeting you and clawtuber😄 I’m hoping you do some meet and greets or come to Hershey park this summer I would really like to play arcade games with yah again

  25. Love your videos and energy, dude. Keep it up.

    Also I dig this type of challenge

  26. Matt is one of those people who you just comes across as a genuinely nice and likeable person youd enjoy meeting. He could have us watching him play whack-a-mole for an hour and we'd be thoroughly entertained.

  27. But you actually made $0 profit if you factor in the cost of gas to get there from your house.

  28. You're great i'll never unsub but, those thumbnails are getting creepy.

  29. Tilt! What a blast from the past! Great video as always matt! Always watch your vids!

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