How I Made a PROFIT at the Arcade Playing THIS 100% SKILL GAME! -

How I Made a PROFIT at the Arcade Playing THIS 100% SKILL GAME!

Arcade Matt
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Today I’m at Tilt Studios Arcade playing the unique 100% skill arcade game, the Star Meow Prize arm game. You knock over gems worth different ticket values hoping for the big 1,000 ticket jackpot. I do a challenge with only $30 and playing only this game to see how many tickets I can win and after I cash in all of my arcade tickets, I’ll then see if I can make a profit getting prizes worth more than $30! Can I Profit?

Check out Tilt’s awesome arcades:

(This video is NOT sponsored by Tilt & I used my own money. I simply love their arcades and the variety of the games they have. They are kind enough to let us film there to share these awesome, unique games!)



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About Arcade Matt:

I make arcade videos! My passion started with the claw machine and continued to arcade ticket games. I also play games that give prizes like Stacker and Keymaster. The coin pusher is also another favorite – some I play winning quarters, others I win arcade tickets. On some games I even show hacks how to win. I also play carnival games winning big prizes! If you love anything about the arcade, subscribe for new videos every week, and let’s play!

How I Made a Profit at the Arcade Playing THIS 100% SKILL GAME!

Arcade Matt


  1. Tilt! What a blast from the past! Great video as always matt! Always watch your vids!

  2. Very good video idea. Something I always wonder!

  3. Man, you crushed it! If you keep hitting like that you're going to get banned. 😆 Seriously though, great content.

  4. I love that you are local to me! Ohio valley mall tilt is great!

  5. Aaaaaa this man I wanna hire him 🤣🤣

  6. Matt is so nerdy and I absolutely love it

  7. I can’t wait till you open your own arcade place, keep up the hard work bro 🙌

  8. Do they offer gas gift cards? That would be sick lol.

  9. Think you're math is off there bud you got about 15$ on the high end of stuff not 42 you never make money at an arcade its just for for an you get dumb toys even. If your a "pro"

  10. Ticket studios has a weird ticket economy though that doesn't really match up to other arcades. 9800 tickers would go a lot farther other places and be a lot harder to earn.

  11. We don't have Arcades in Germany (only inside theme parks) so… I really look foreward to see this game in "The Coin Game". You know, just to do something else than try to collect the "Y" for Hokey ^^

  12. I can win about 24-25k tickets from D&B with $30. Which is usually a $100 item. I used to win $600 iPad Airs for $60-80 from one arcade but they stopped because a bunch of advantage players were winning big.

  13. If Arcade Matt was a true advantage player, he would show videos of him getting cops called on him or being threatened by arcade managers. It's something that can happen if you profit off bad arcades that hate winning players.

  14. And I didnt think there was anything better than Zombie Snatcher! You proved me wrong. Great vid!!

  15. What's happened to the big rig arcade game Greg and you where building.????

  16. There’s a arcade it’s called round one it’s really fun you shod go

  17. sees thumbnail "Ah shabang, Zombie Snatcher!"

    sees actual game "Who?"

  18. Totally excellently perfect! Because this game are very very very hot! Shabang! Well done, Matt.

  19. Hit the like 👍🏼 and it shot confetti so hit 👎🏽 to see if it did the same – returned it to like – as always. Hope it doesn’t count against you. You rock!

  20. My Arcade still has the older version of tower of tickets. You still have to claim the inner prizes

  21. This game almost looks like a zombie snatcher rip off 😂

  22. Next time show us what the arcade offers for big prizes. It will give us an idea of what you need for an Xbox for example. Tickets are all relative to the arcade. Great video keep it up.

  23. omg if this game was at my arcade i would be addicted! the clinking of the coin hitting the bottom and then its a whole cat game <3 my cat is freaking out hearing the noise of this game lmfao

  24. I remembered 8600 then I made it like this 8600+ 200+200 that ecwals 9000 then I did 9000 + 100 and that ecwals 9100 boya

  25. The title of this video should of been tittled HOW MANY TIMES DOES MATT SAY SHABAM haha

  26. Seems to be one of the most consistent games for ya

  27. Did you really ask to leave a comment on how many tickets you got after it just showed 8600 and then you get 500 added to it? Hmmmm you got 21000 I’ll guess lol

  28. you are cracked out of your god damn mind holy

  29. You always kill it with those types of games 👍🏻 your timing is on point shabang!!

  30. U need to stop screaming or yelling in ur vids

  31. 12 years watching your videos so good love you 😘

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