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Hey Akihabara – Thousands of Arcade Games | 4k virtual tour /Tokyo Japan/ASMR/Japan Trip

Japan POV Tour
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Here is the core and largest arcade center in Akihabara. You will find everything from retro arcade games like Invader to the latest games like Tekken 7. If you are a gamer and break your bills down to pennies here, you could spend all day in here!

Another great arcade spot:

I’m filming more video game stores and anime shops as well as groceries in Japan, if you like please subscribe and feel Japanese places in my POV tours!

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  2. Amazing!!!
    How many arcades rooms still exist in Tokyo?

  3. Love Hey spent a lot of time in there, can you do a tour of Mikado that was my favourite arcade in toyko.

  4. I went to this arcade when I was in a Tokyo. It had the most retro machines by far. Shmup heaven! I never thought I'd actually get play Gradius in an actual arcade. Arcades are small and usually in a bowling alley or bar in the US.

  5. To me, this seems like heaven on Earth. There was a place like this when I was a child. Japan is one country I haven't been too as well, but if I did – I would definitely visit here.

  6. Whoever filmed this really likes fighting games… got boring after av while seeing the same street fighter cabinets over and over.

  7. I used to go to this place every week. Thank you for introducing Akihabara!

    From Japanese.

  8. 5:17 you can practice in the arcades now?? I remember this being a thing back in Soul Calibur 2, but I had never seen it since

  9. Great content mate,keep it coming,subbed !
    Anyone has any idea what the game at 5:15 to 5:20 is ???
    Looks awesome !

  10. man.. i would love one of those Egret cabs

  11. It's so quiet but late 90,s arcade used to crowded

  12. Crazy taxi that's what I'm talking about

  13. I'd spend a very respectful couple of hours there❤

  14. Im visiting Japan for the first time next month, im definetly checking this place out !

  15. This is awesome, love arcades. if I was rich and owned a mansion; would definitely set this up in my basement or large room. Yeah it is sad to see arcades dying everywhere because now… you can play all these game for free online or through emulation/hyper spin! Anyways thank you to the uploader for the neat video in Japan!

  16. Just a shame that all the cabinets looks so generic compared to what we had back in the 80's.

  17. Glad to see Gundam DX no matter how many games they make that game was fire

  18. Will there be Final Fight, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and WWF WRESTLEFEST in the future?

  19. How can a place like this be so damn clean

  20. Very nice!
    I love Games Center's of Japan!
    Thanks my friend!

  21. Caramba, que emoção! Aqui em Brasília só vejo fliperama no Park Shopping e no Conic

  22. Man I wish we had arcades were I am all we got is pizza ranch

  23. Got to be here in April of 2023 and had an amazing time. 1:12 all of those sf4 cabs were FULL on that Friday night. Felt like the good old days

  24. Came back almost 2 weeks ago from my trip to Tokyo, and this video just reminds me of that amazing Arcade that had all those old school games in there. Love to see it again.

  25. I wish I want to go there and play Gundam Extreme VS 2 Arcade.

    From Indonesia… Good Gundam Player…

  26. Thanks for the video 🙂
    Interesting to see how arcade culture of Japan looks as opposed to other places.
    I went to EVO, and then to various arcade-like places in Las Vegas and… yea, they were messy, noisy, "sassy" if you catch my drift.
    Japan's arcade looks clean. Way too clean, even. Not better or worse, just is.

    Thanks again for the video!

  27. Is that a special version of Darius 2 on 2 wide screen monitors instead of 3 CRTs? 9:24

  28. wow…. so many Egret IIs in there

  29. man seeing this makes me wish i had the money to go see it in person and i love how there was one random Americana dude chilling there talking trash

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