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Heck Yes! One finally opened in Florida!

Plush Time Wins
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Round 1 has finally arrived in Florida! Today we visited the new Round 1 location in South Florida for the grand opening!

Played at:
Pembroke Lakes Mall
12055 Pines Blvd
Pembroke Pines, FL 33026


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  1. Yes it's BT21 MANG and RJ plush. I am an army of France who dreams of having them..

  2. Yes it's BT21 MANG and RJ COOKY SHOOKY plush. I am an army of France who dreams of having them..

  3. my round one is a couple blocks away in the mall its very expensive tho

  4. im in florida but even from my town its 5 hours to this round 1 i hope the open another one more north :[

  5. 5:42 I’ve been chosen! Farewell my friends I go on to a better place.

  6. i tried treasure road for my first time on my last visit, the youtube video i watched online was slow speed but my locations was light-speed X_X.. but luckily they had prizes at the edge on mine, not all perfectly lined up in the back 😐😐

    got 4 Midoriya figures out of mine xD now i need to re-home 3 of them!

  7. i used to watch you guys alllll the time when i was younger. i came across this video bc a round one is opening this saturday in my city and i’m so excited

  8. Honestly you guys should create a website and sell your wins that way we have a chance at prizes you don’t want and you guys make money back to play!

  9. So BT21 is the cartoon versions of the band BTS.

    each one represents a member of the band and the grey and white one represents the fans.

    The white llama is RJ
    The blue koala is Koya
    The pink bunny is Cooky
    The unicorn you were trying to get is Mang
    The cookie is Shooky
    The yellow dog is Chimmy
    And the heart is Tata

    The fan one that’s grey and white is Van.

    Hope that helps some lol

  10. I'm going on holiday in about 4-5 weeks (estimate) so I'm refreshing my skills by watching some plush time wins since my family usually classifies me as 'the master of claw machines' 😂

    Definitely going to use your secrets of the claw 👍

  11. Barefoot on the grass listen in to a magical

  12. I live in Wichita Kansas, we got a Round 1 about 18 months ago, I was so excited!

  13. its actually funs if u get the prize u want

  14. I love your videos so much and you have help me on claw machines ❤

  15. The BT21 is characters drawn by bts a boy band group themselves and its like a cartoon them 😂

  16. Yayyy you won the lemon my grandson eats lemon all the time love ya'll

  17. This makes me want to go to the arcade sooo bad😫😫😫😫😫😫

  18. Gum gum gum gum mug mug mug mug I play ed a game with a name gum mug switch it backwards

  19. Is there any good places in cali that you guys know of?

  20. My 9 month old granddaughter eats lemons like Chris does lol

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