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[HD] Superman Round 1 1988 Taito Mame Retro Arcade Games

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Taito 1988


  1. Man I cant get this to work on my MAME at all. I just downloaded the most recent 64 bit release of MAME. And still nothing? Any idea? Im running it on my window PC

  2. that third boss was nuts. what a quarter eater.

  3. @antijavi
    The face and the pose of the villain is actually taken from a frame of the comic "Superman Versus Mohamedd" Alì (a less silly crossover that it coud seems).

  4. One of the part I loved most of this game was it having the musics of the Chrostopher Reeve's movies, even if remixed.

  5. Thank you for posting this, complete with the attract mode!

    This was a FUN game.

  6. The best Superman video game EVER. There has been a decent Superman game since this priceless gem. The story line was awesome. The animation was great. And the music kicked ass.

  7. Gotta charge up the super punch on the third level yo!

  8. Not saying much but this is the best superman video game out of all of them.

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