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Hardest Arcade Game in the World 😡 #shorts

Arcade Warrior
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Hardest Arcade Game in the World 😡 #shorts


  1. I am going everyone a hint about any stacker set by operator too a certain win ratio , A guy built a cheat device that could opticly read when it needed to click the button hundereds of times faster then fastest human reaction time recording the event at 60 Frames per second it nailed the button with 5 milisecond accuracy. guess what , it still lost , You are not playing stacker , stacker is playing you.. source "Pepes World 11: Cheating the Stacker arcade game with a robot" (language warning)

  2. i won from that stacker in that youtube shorts

  3. You can’t win major prize, its imposseble

  4. It's always the last stack that you will miss

  5. When I was abt 8 I won stacker and got my first console: a DS!

  6. I had this happened when I was at circus circus arcade, STACKER IS A F*CKING GOD OF DIFFICULTY!!!!

  7. You keep missing the Major prize.
    You need to concentrate even more.

  8. Can you give me a shoutout to my YouTube channel in your next video? I would really appreciate it. My YouTube channel name is T. Money Trenton.

  9. That's exactly why I refuse to play stacker…deceiving money eater.

  10. Its not hard it just cheats , at least for me when went to the last block i place it exactly up to the other blocks and then after a little it went next, this happened to me many many times

  11. This arcade game is pretty difficult and good but isn't the hardest. If you remember there are some arcade machines like pacman, centipede, defender and more .I think these games are much harder.

  12. I always tap it when its at the block before the one you’re supposed to hit, it worked so far


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