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Mystery Matt
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  1. I’ve won an OG PlayStation from one of these with the games preloaded into it

  2. Bruh u could buyed probably like 5 kf them hwo much u spend on these

  3. Haha 69k likes when I commented this haha

  4. Were you at Las Vegas because I remember that arcade

  5. Heres a hack on how I won this string cutting arcade game
    grabs sledgehammer

  6. Thiers a mall near me and its full of i phones 😭

  7. Candy land x khaby lame🙂🤣🤣😂😂😂

  8. Hopefully he doesn't cut open their heads like the others

  9. Hello there travelers
    I'm your merchant!
    I will set everything at a 💯% discount
    What I'm selling:
    ___/. The Merchant Store. ___
    | Iron ingots:0$ – 💯 discount free
    | 😹🚬👌-0$ – 💯 discount free
    | Mega Cap 🧢-0$ – 💯 discount free
    | Stupid cap 🎓-0$ -💯 discount free
    | Free cap😐🧢-0$-💯 discount free
    | Karen Killer 4000-0$-💯 discount
    | free(P.S the Karen Killer works once)
    | Netherite Set-600 Likes-Dosen't affect
    | Cringe killer-0$-💯 discount free
    | Super Cringe killer-100 likes -doesn't
    | affect
    | Glados the god of killing cringe-0$-💯
    | discount free
    Note these will be back on sale with no discounts

  10. I wasted all my points on my birthday trying to win something on this 😂

  11. You're telling me you have to play that game multiple times to win, and also be on perfect?!

  12. The only thing left to do is to cut it open to see if there's a brain inside…

  13. Call YouTube TV answer my message on the on date talk

  14. Thats smart you're the kind of person that knows math

  15. Testing a very long name for a short duration time says:

    I won a tablet from this game! Takes a few tries to get, but if u have confidence and you preserve,you can get a win!

  16. Man you're so cool. Doing things with your life!!

  17. That’s not a hack that is knowledge and skill

  18. Games like that have the trash stuccoed….sccicors…the cutting triangle,that the teachers give u at school

  19. 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

  20. wow i. ilke🍭🍫🍧🍕🍟🍎🍓🍉🍍🍌🍋😋😵

  21. It’s hack the new word for rip the dude off

  22. I won one of these a few years ago and got an ipod touch, good times

  23. It’s easier to just get it to cut it lol

  24. I won a camera from one of these string cutting games once and it was one of the most glorious arcade game experiences of my life.

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