GWALSNTH Wireless Pandora Box 40S, 26800 in 1 Bluetooth 3D Arcade Games Console -

GWALSNTH Wireless Pandora Box 40S, 26800 in 1 Bluetooth 3D Arcade Games Console

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There are 26800 Games installed this Pandora box console. Just connect the games box and install batteries (buy 2pcs for each consoles) into consoles, then you can play the games.
Consoles and game box are connected with Bluetooth and there is no need of connecting cable between two consoles. It can really make you play games freely.


1)Updated Wireless Design,This Pandora arcade console is including two independent consoles with joysticks. They are connected with latest 2.4GHZ Bluetooth signal. Without limitation of the connection cable, you can play games much freely.

2) Upgraded 3D System – Pandora Arcade Games Console Display 1280*720P VGA and HIDMI high-definition Video; Upgraded games system with 8-core processor to make you play with faster speed. It is your ideal console for different Games.

3)26800 Games Preloaded -26800 Games installed in our Pandora console, including 43 3D games. Just plug then you can select to play all the games. Various type games as your options: Arcade games, fighting shooting, Sports, Puzzle, 3p/4p games, etc.

4)Wide Applications – Can connect with TV/ PC / Xbox 360 /PS3/ Screen / Monitor /projector, etc. Just plug it and play!Support 1-4 Players games.
5)More functions – Search Games and Games classification to make you seek you any games easier. Pause/Save/Resume game functions make you play your favorite games anytime. Customizable buttons, etc.

Power: 20W
Voltage: 12V
Color: White+Blue
User Interface: VGA HDMI USB
Application: TV/ PC / Xbox 360 /PS3/ Screen / Monitor /projector, etc.

Package Including:
2 x Wireless Consoles
1 x Game Box
2 x Joysticks
1 x VGA Data Cable
1 x HDMI Data Cable
1 x Power Supply (for game box)
1 x User Manual
2 x replacement Buttons

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