GTA Online - Arcade Games Guide (How to Unlock All Arcade Rewards) -

GTA Online – Arcade Games Guide (How to Unlock All Arcade Rewards)

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Full guide on how to complete all Arcade games added with “The Diamond Casino Heist” in GTA Online to unlock Awards, trophies, t-shirts, decorations and other rewards for the Arcade.

Thanks to TezFunz2 on Twitter () and all the people on the GTA Series Videos Discord server for their precious help!


0:00 Intro
0:21 Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone Bad – Ape Escape Award
3:54 Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone Bad – Monkey Mind Award
22:51 Space Monkey 3: Bananas Gone Bad – Astrochimp Award
27:33 Badlands Revenge II – Pistols At Dawn Award
27:33 Badlands Revenge II – Dead Eye Award
37:16 Badlands Revenge II – Sharpshooter Award
39:21 The Wizard’s Ruin – Feelin’ Groggy Award
1:03:52 The Wizard’s Ruin – Platinum Sword Award
1:03:52 The Wizard’s Ruin – Coin Purse Award
1:07:16 Race And Chase – Beat The Traffic Award
1:16:26 Race And Chase – All Wheels Award
1:17:24 Race And Chase – Race Champion Award
1:19:15 Defender of the Faith – Keeping The Faith Award
1:20:51 Monkey’s Paradise – Aquatic Ape Award
1:23:20 Monkey’s Paradise – Psychonaut Challenge (Degenatron Glitch)
1:24:51 Penetrator – Masterful Award
1:24:51 Penetrator – Retro Master Challenge
1:27:54 The Love Professor – True Love Award
1:30:45 The Love Professor – Nemesis Award
1:30:45 The Love Professor – Friendzoned Award
1:35:29 Nazar Speaks – T-Shirt and Trophy Reward
1:36:56 Shiny Wasabi Kitty’s Claw – Saki Plushie
1:38:20 Shiny Wasabi Kitty’s Claw – Humpy Plushie
1:38:52 Shiny Wasabi Kitty’s Claw – Muffy Plushie
1:39:25 Shiny Wasabi Kitty’s Claw – Smoker Plushie
1:39:57 Shiny Wasabi Kitty’s Claw – Grindy Plushie
1:40:31 Shiny Wasabi Kitty’s Claw – Poopie Plushie
1:41:05 Shiny Wasabi Kitty’s Claw – Princess Robot Bubblegum Plushie
1:41:45 Shiny Wasabi Kitty’s Claw – Master Plushie
1:42:23 Shiny Wasabi Kitty’s Claw – Shiny Wasabi Kitty Plushie
1:43:50 Invade and Persuade II – Life Saver Challenge
1:47:32 Invade and Persuade II – He Who Controls The Oil Challenge [Konami Code]
1:47:32 Invade and Persuade II – Endless Oil [Konami Code]
1:47:32 Invade and Persuade II – Unnatural Selection [Konami Code]
1:47:32 Invade and Persuade II – Full Moon [Konami Code]
1:52:00 Street Crimes: Gang Wars Edition – Untouchable Challenge
1:53:17 Street Crimes: Gang Wars Edition – The Hoods, The Punks, The Yokels & The Bikers Challenges
1:55:01 Don’t Cross The Line – DCTL T-Shirt Reward
1:56:13 Bonus Rewards – Extra T-Shirts and 100% Completion T-Shirt & Arcade Trophy

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  1. I have tried over 60 times on the kitty claw machine on a toy that's a 1 in 50 chance, I still haven't gotten it, not to mention that I've spent over 5 hours trying to get the toy ar the far back right and still haven't gotten it yet my luck is so bad I don't expect to live a long life.

  2. 90% accurancy on an arcade game… On PS4 ?!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. For the claw machine, I sometimes have doubts about the probabilities … Even if it is purely by chance, I have already managed in less than 20 minutes to have the plush at 1/150, while I have already made 200 attempts in 1h30 to try to have one of the lint at 1/50 without ever having it.
    The worst part is that I don't even know why I bother to have them when it's just to have a mini-decorations that apart from me, no one else will see in the office.😓

  4. How are you shooting so fast on Space monkey 3 without power ups?!

  5. does the kitty claw "odds" reset if you walk away or change sessions? i was going for the blue one but after 73 tries i gave up haha

  6. Ur on pc doing badlands revenge😏😏
    U do it on console💀💀

  7. I am late but .. If I do this for 2 hours and then close the app can I continue to where I was or will I take it back

  8. Just saying I want all them but they are not easy for me and I have no passant

  9. You didn’t include any of the Camhedz awards

  10. Doubt anyone is gonna answer, but if someone on PC needs help with TLP and Race and Chase awards than hit me up below. We will help eatch other.

  11. Bruuuuh wtf is this? I end the grog mode.woth more than 1.4M points but i have no reward neither tees from the treasure…it says i only got 9050.000 treasures when the goal is 950.000 treasures, but this video show you passing the grog mode with Just a bit more than 1M and you got all the rewards! It's some bug?

  12. Thank you for this video!!! Very good work

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  14. on the love professor game i have equal number my friend has odd number for our name we got the true love by quickly playing after the madam machine we also got the friendzone award can we also get the nemesis award together or because we got the true love together will we need a different friend each ?.

  15. Who remembers having to buy a $15-$20 strategy guide magazine lol

  16. Edit: You can do it in other players arcades without owning the machines, at least with Nazar so I assume the same for the rest.

    Do you have to own the machines and do it at your arcade or can you do it at someone else's?

  17. I completed all the challenges and I don’t have the golden tank

  18. Is there any way to tell how many games i've won with each character in Street Crimes: Gang Wars Edition?

  19. This plushies are very annoying. Does the game register your previous trial in trying to get the plushies if you get tired log out. And login the next day?

  20. Can you die and still get the badlands revenge awards?

  21. i swear im trying it since it first came to gtao and i still dont have any trophy in my arcade!!! am i a terrible player? YES XD, but i swear its not my fault that this games are THIS hard lmao EDIT: btw its even harder in ps4 EDIT2: we need to complete badlands revenge ll w only pistols WITHOUT DYING A SINGLE TIME???? OMFG this is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on pc its wayyyy easier

  22. Who else is having hard time getting his or her trophy using Konami codes for the invading challenges. Finished it but never got the award trophy 🏆.

  23. Anyone else not getting Street Crimes to work? I've done 20 on one character but haven't unlocked any tshirt. Also, I can't find the challenge anywhere in the awards section

  24. Im trying to get the 90% accuracy on badlands 2 but it's so much harder on console.

  25. I’m searching someone for complete couple games (street crimes and professor love)

  26. Hello, i need Friend to get spraypaint trophy please, seboogus. Xbox seriex

  27. Satan fears Rockstars Devs 😩 these are fkng hard and painful to get

  28. Aight I haven't found any helpful sources ever for this but how do you get the princess robot bubblegum statue and the space monkey statue in your arcade???

    Nobody has ever uploaded a video on it whenever I type it up

  29. I am on PS5 and looking a friend to do 40 wins Chase, street gangs and Love professor and help to done yours. My psn is Counterstrikes

  30. i like the hustle to give us this vid great job

  31. Monkey's Paradise psychonaut is bugged, its not giving me the trophy and I did both

  32. What should I do if I collected 1 million loot points in Wizard's ruin, but didn't get a prize for 950.000?

  33. I’m just not gonna get the arcade shirts

  34. 2022 and some of these games are still insane. Especially Penetrator. Least Rockstar could do with that is lower the required score down to 2000. That's way more understandable than 40 fucking thousand

  35. If someone struges with some of these insane challenges like penetrator and monkey mind, u can use speedhack in cheat engine to slower down the game a little bit, because is not FUN STAYING 1 HOUR DESTROYING GREEN SQUARE AND MOVING FAST R* ffs.

    Just make sure to go in private lobby alone and use cheat engine to slower the game to 0.7 or 0.6, sure it takes time but at least u will be able to complete them in one attempt.

  36. 27:54 Sponsors
    27:56 PIXTRO
    28:02 Intro
    28:13 Lobby
    28:17 Start
    28:19 The Gospel Gangsters
    28:46 Heh Ha
    29:35 Heh Ha
    29:41 The Gospel Gangsters – DEAD
    29:48 The Buckle Bunnies
    31:45 The Buckle Bunnies – DEAD
    31:53 Hillbilly Hoodlums
    33:19 Hillbilly Hoodlums – DEAD
    33:26 The Ruckus Rangers
    34:47 The Ruckus Rangers – DEAD
    34:56 The Barrel Fever Boys
    35:18 Bill Bild
    35:35 Bill Bild
    35:49 Bill Bild
    36:17 The Barrel Fever Boys – DEAD
    36:21 Outro
    36:33 Ending

    1:08:19 Start!
    1:08:43 Rats
    1:08:58 Rats
    1:09:12 Trash Cans With Cats
    1:09:23 Wrestler
    1:10:15 Bicycle Woman
    1:10:37 Surfer Man
    1:10:55 Bigfoot
    1:10:59 Surfer Man
    1:11:39 Skateboard Man
    1:11:40 Skateboard Man
    1:12:24 The Beast
    1:12:26 Panda Man
    1:13:04 Tennis Woman
    1:13:21 Tennis Woman
    1:13:38 Tennis Woman
    1:13:57 Ghost Woman
    1:13:58 Naked Man
    1:14:09 Tennis Woman
    1:14:37 Cheerleaders
    1:14:43 Hunted Woman & Mountain Lion
    1:14:51 Cheerleaders
    1:15:18 Hunted Woman & Mountain Lion
    1:15:34 Ailen
    1:15:46 Finish!
    1:15:48 You Won!

  37. When this update came out I gave up asap lol. I came back to it a week ago being bored in the game and that MONKEY MIND challenge was the hardest aggravating shit ever lol but I finally beat that shit. All I can say for anyone going after that try to beat the first 2 boards without getting hit or drying as well as the 4th. Granny's level is hard af not to die imo. U need as many lives for the last boss as possible.

  38. Did the wizards ruin challenge all of them and the coin purse is glitched on 940,000 when I've gotten well for a million 3X 🙄

  39. Ballad Revenge I got 38% accuracy? I'm struggling. Anyone get a tip for me. I aim head shots still get low accuracy.

  40. あぁ、シェアプレイをお願いしたい

  41. So how do you cultivate 950,000 treasure in a single play through? I understand some said you can do it via spider 🕷 boss at the swamp area. I have cultivated too much treasure 🤑 💰 through this method. That at one point the smaller spider stopped dishing out treasure 🤑 💰…at that point. What do you do?

  42. im looking to do this award im on xbox series X i have an even number as my gamertag and a mic and on pretty much every day . im looking for another series X player with odd number as there name and a working mic to make the process quicker .

  43. Giving us the number of trials or probability of getting each plushies is not true for everyone. It have to with the claw machine and the games. I got a plushies with in 16 trials. And for another I spent more than 3hr 30 mins and wrongly 250 trials still no success.

  44. Badlands revenge II is hard on PS4 period…why y'all make look like a piece of cake 🎂?

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