Great Arcade Games That Never Got A Home Port -

Great Arcade Games That Never Got A Home Port

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Hey whatsup guys OSG here with a video on great arcade games that never got ported to home systems. These are the ones that immediately spring to mind but there may be others.
When I say never made it to home systems I mean the game itself not the name as some of these are available on systems but they aren’t the same
I honestly can’t believe that some of these never made it especially 2 of the racing games in this video

Anyway let’s take a look at Great arcade games that never got a home port.

Games in this video :-
Willow @ 00:38
Armed Police Batrider @ 01:23
Scud Race @ 02:08
Aliens @ 02:53
Great 1000 Miles Rally @ 03:38
Major Havoc @ 04:23
Strike Force @ 05:08
Rave Racer @ 05:58
Guardians @ 06:43
Starwars Trilogy @ 07:28
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs @ 08:13
Dolphin Blue @ 09:03
Alien Vs. Predator @ 09:53
Daytona 2 @ 10:43

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  1. Metal Jesus and radical reggie had a boxed copy of dolphin blue on there channel iirc

  2. I love the Star Wars Trilogy arcade game. Never been good at it, but it's super-fun and I'd definitely buy it if it came to Steam or the Switch.

  3. Great 1000 miles rally reminds me a little bit of RC pro am, and it looks really fun

  4. Rave Racer, one of my faves. They got drifting around corners absolutely right on that one.

  5. Star Wars still looks great to me. Never played Dolphin Blue, but it looked brilliant too.
    Great video buddy!

  6. Good list, but to be fair, guardians had about 6 years on final fight, plus I feel the player can relate more to final fights storyline

  7. Throughly enjoyable video man, loved every one of those games. 😎👍👍👍🇬🇧🦖

  8. Great list, I remember playing Gang wars a lot in the arcades but never saw any ports that I know of.

  9. Sega racers aged like wine. They have a great art direction with creative scenarios, vibrant colors and catchy cheesy music. I would gladly pay for a compilation of them with updated controls for keyboard/joypad.

  10. Willow arcade is one of my all time favs and, like you mentioned OSG, hard as nails. I remember, at a 4 hour arcade lock-in in my youth, I gave it a solid half hour to try and beat it. Wasn’t even close.

  11. Yeah, classic video! This is just the sort I love, absolute class!

  12. Fantastic content as always. I’d happily pay for the content but I refuse to support Patreon or PayPal. If you ever use an alternate service like SubscribeStar I’ll happily sign up.

    If you have an Amazon wishlist that might work too 🙂

  13. Yeah pity, some top games here that would've made great ports on the right systems. Love Batrider and SW Trilogy, Daytona 2? yeah I'm one of those what thought it got ported, I'dve bet on it. Great list dude 🙂

  14. this is 10+ examples of why i took an interest in MAME, because there are so many Arcade Games that never got a true port, or they got a port and it was abysmal.

  15. Awesome looking list of games! Need to try some of these!

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