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Great Arcade Games That Never Got A Home Port

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Hey whatsup guys OSG here with a video on great arcade games that never got ported to home systems. These are the ones that immediately spring to mind but there may be others.
When I say never made it to home systems I mean the game itself not the name as some of these are available on systems but they aren’t the same
I honestly can’t believe that some of these never made it especially 2 of the racing games in this video

Anyway let’s take a look at Great arcade games that never got a home port.

Games in this video :-
Willow @ 00:38
Armed Police Batrider @ 01:23
Scud Race @ 02:08
Aliens @ 02:53
Great 1000 Miles Rally @ 03:38
Major Havoc @ 04:23
Strike Force @ 05:08
Rave Racer @ 05:58
Guardians @ 06:43
Starwars Trilogy @ 07:28
Cadillacs & Dinosaurs @ 08:13
Dolphin Blue @ 09:03
Alien Vs. Predator @ 09:53
Daytona 2 @ 10:43

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  1. Awesome looking list of games! Need to try some of these!

  2. I also loved and played the heck out of Willow, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs and Aliens v Predator.

    For what it's worth, some people over at the dreamcast-talk forums are adapting all Atomiswave games to the Dreamcast. Since they share almost the exact same hardware it's not really a port.

  3. Great List. In my opinion, Daytona 2 is the single largest omission in gaming, in terms of lacking a home port. I would buy Dolphin Blue today regardless of price, if it ever hit modern consoles.

  4. I KNEW Scud Race would be here, because its criminal that there was never a port of it. I remember a tech demo for it on the Dreamcast and expecting a conversion at some point. No such luck. 🙁

  5. SCUD Race is weird as Sega created a playable tech demo of it for the Dreamcast while it was in development, same with the Harley Davidson game.

    But Daytona 2 and SCUD Race's tracks are both unlockable in OutRun2006 on the PS2/Xbox, and I think Rave Racer's track appears in Rage Racer on the PS1.

  6. Order Of Magnitude - The Paranormal & Personal says:

    Strike force is awesomely fun….
    It is amazing to think some of these model 3 games are 25 year old nearly …

  7. Willow, Batrider and Dolphin Blue are some of my faves mate, nice choices 🙂

  8. Dolphin Blue has just been made compatible with the Dreamcast, apparently the Atomiswave hardware is very similar…
    Check out Tenkomori Shooting, another decent game that didn’t get ported, it’s point blank meets shmups

  9. I remember as a child waiting and waiting for that aliens game thinking it is bound to come out on the Megadrive or something. A pity as it was a fun game. All of these look really fun games though was surprised the ridge racer game never made it to the home stuff quite odd as ridge racer was a big seller on the PS1. Cadillacs and dinos would have been a sure hit too so yeah I wonder what went on with that. Also yes the AVP game was one I was expecting when I was a kid too and it never happened. All of these games look great tbh anmd yay two I never heard of to check out. Thank you for the video OSG.

    As for games I would have liked to have seen ported probably the alien 3 light gun game and I am going to say Golden axe 4 as I think that was an arcade game but I am not sure.

  10. Assault… that was one hell of a game, it had twin stick tank controls, and the playfield rotated around the player. One of the most unique and fun shooters ever made, the tank could launch in the air and fire missiles, could even strafe. It was all about the controls and blasting enemies, loved it. It's a tricky one to even emulate, it's there – but getting the control scheme to match the cabinet isn't really possible. It was way ahead of its time, not really any systems that would cope with the playfield rotation and scaling at the time.

  11. Great list you really took your time to check, I thought to find golden axe 2 in this list but maybe it has been brought in some collections for the new machines

  12. Cool list! I brought Willow, Cadillacs&Dinosaurs and Aliens on the channel so i know them quite well. I have to say i am surprised there are no porting for those. I will try Dolphin Blue since i didn't know that 😉

  13. Cadillacs & Dinosaurs looks excellent! Like Final Fight with dinosaurs!

  14. Class list buddy and i have to say i only ever played one of these games back in the day so it was a joy to see. As always buudy keep up the great work and roll on the next video 🙂

  15. Ya can play dolphin blue now though on dc,through the gdemu ,aswel as loads of others made on the atomiswave arcade hardware board,laters

  16. Aliens was great! I always wondered why I never had memories of playing it anywhere other than in arcades here in the uk and abroad.

  17. Yes Willow is a neat platform game! Funny how the hero in the IREM game "Legend of Hero Tonma" looks almost exactly the same! Also a good game and it did get a port to the PC Engine back in the day.

  18. Brilliantly researched, as always!!!!

  19. And…this is why I got into collecting pcb’s lol. All those unconverted classics!

  20. Oh mate ! Me and my friends used to play Major Havoc so much in the arcade. That and Star wars was our favourites in -83.

  21. Vendetta/Crimefighters2 was sadly left in the arcades. It is my absolute favourite beat em up with characters that resembled action movie stars and some very questionable enemies. One of the bosses reminds me of the Driscoll brothers from OFaH

  22. Crime Fighters.
    I've read a comment talking about Vendetta, but that game was garbage compared to CF! Even the emulated versions don't stack up – Crime Fighters is the parent of TMNT and The Simpsons! Shiiiiiiit, CF was og crippin' no doubt!

  23. Heyyy. Forgot about GOLDEN AXE REVENGE OF DEATH ADDER??? GOLDEN axe 2 for MD is different game

  24. Some atone cold classics on ere amigo, how the hell did cadillacs n dinos n star wars arcade trilogy not get a port…fuggetaboutit, nice vid dude

  25. Scud Race was a great great game. I'd buy it today if they released it.

  26. What happened to to 4-6 player X-Men arcade game from CapCom? That should've came home too but it didn't.

  27. Dolphin Blue has just been ported to the Dreamcast, along with a bunch of other Atomiswave games. The hope is to convert ALL of them over.

  28. Star Wars Trilogy is superseded by Star Wars Battle Pod. Pretty similar on rails shooter just with better graphics and controls.

  29. Asterix – beat'em up from Konami, Hook – beat'em up from Irem.

  30. I was waiting for X-men to be on this list…what happened?

  31. Willow is awesome! Way ahead of its time! 90s graphics before the 90s

  32. I don't think Black Tiger got a home port. Man, I used to feed the quarters to that game!

  33. Alien Vs Predator was planned for the 32x and got killed as the 32x did lol I wish they ported it to the saturn

  34. Great video, love and remember some of those amazing classics!

  35. Hippodrome another great arcade classic by Data East to never got any home ports.
    It's a medieval fantasy 2D fighting game, a 1 player game for the most part where you have to battle various gladiators and make you way to the top. The 2 player vs however doesn't have much to offer as it's a 1 on 1 dual to the death and the player 2 character is just a palette swap of player 1 as there are no other playable characters in the game.

  36. Didn't Rave Racer get a PC card demo release in 1998…

  37. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs was actually based on a comic book, and licensing was probably part of the problem with porting it.

  38. DAAAAAAAAAYTOOOOONAAAAA! Let's GO AWAY (Let's GO AWAY!) DAAAAAAAYTOOOOONAAAA! The original's title song was so terrible that it becomes funny.

  39. Thank you for sharing, great list.



  40. I'm definitely with you on Willow, Aliens, Alien Vs Predator and Cadillacs And Dinosaurs, and the rest all look great too.

    Some that I think should have got home ports as well:
    Psycho-nics Oscar
    Three Wonders
    Spider Man Arcade
    Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Arcade
    Blood Bros
    Golden Axe: Revenge Of Death Adder
    Trog 2
    Crime Fighters
    Gang Wars

    If any of these ended up on any home system, please let me know!

  41. You REALLY have to wonder why Batrider never got a Dreamcast port at all.

  42. Mr. Do's Wild Ride & Bagman never officially got a port on the 8 bit micros, but Ocean did make unofficial rip offs in Kong Strikes Back & Gilligan's Gold.

  43. I played a lot and loved the Simpsons 4 player arcade.

  44. I suppose Scud Racer & Daytona 2 reflect the short shelf life of the Dreamcast.

  45. Golden axe return of death adder is a worthy mention.

  46. Just came across your channel, so looking at your older videos. Scud Race is a game that still needs a port. Sure we can emulate it, but it would be fantastic to have the original and an enhance version in one package.

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