Golden Age of Arcade Games (1978-1986) -

Golden Age of Arcade Games (1978-1986)

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Showing some classic arcade games that helped lay down the foundation for today’s games.


  1. Tron, Centipede, Dragon's Lair, Missile Command, to name a few HUGE hits. Zaxxon, Qix, Spy Hunter, Bubbles, Pengo, Congo Bongo, Burger Time, Bosconian, Sinistar, oh boy. I wasted a lot of money. Gorf, Phoenix, Pleiades …

  2. I was there, ass. The enjoyment of early arcade games was a real luxury. There was nothing to compare them to back then, so they were utterly unique. It was crazy because a quarter was like a dollar back then. It seemed like you would be losing a lot when you lost a game. There is no comparison to now. The appearance of Pac-Man was akin to the arrival of Jesus. We were all in awe. It changed everything.

  3. I would say the Golden Age lasted all the way up till '93 when 3D games took over the arcades…before '93 you still had a ton of Shooters, Run & Guns, Platformers, and all kinds of variety. After '93 not so was more about 3D Technology now and you could also play the same games at home now with the 4th Gen consoles and PC..

  4. Some of these i didn’t know but would like to play. Also from that era centipede and millipede and Qbert 🙂 in later years i enjoyed area 51. I remember the cocktail table versions of space invaders and asteroids. we would dump a pile of quarters down and hang out for the evening. Loved it and miss those days.

  5. 78-86 was my wifes era of arcade. She loved playing Phoenix during her middle school years of the late 70s n early 80s.My era was 87-94. My grandfather took me into my first arcade in 87 when I was 7 years old. Operation wolf and rampage was the first two I ever played. My favourites back then was: Golden axe, double dragon, TMNT, wwf wrestle fest, Simpsons, aliens, robocop, x-men, Cadillacs and dinosaurs, NBA jam, and Michael Jackson's moonwalker. Although my wife definitely got me into Phoenix. That's probably my favourite from the early 80s. I can't believe 1up has never shown Phoenix any love.I'd be all over it if they released it in a counter/partycade.

  6. Nice! Was this filmed on your Arcade Legends Ultimate?

  7. Tim, I dumped plenty of quarters into these games as a kid in arcades during that period!
    Then I continued to dream about them all until I was able to get back and play more.
    Perhaps the best time ever to be alive for a child or teenager!

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