Golden Age of Arcade Games (1978-1986) -

Golden Age of Arcade Games (1978-1986)

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Showing some classic arcade games that helped lay down the foundation for today’s games.


  1. I was there, ass. The enjoyment of early arcade games was a real luxury. There was nothing to compare them to back then, so they were utterly unique. It was crazy because a quarter was like a dollar back then. It seemed like you would be losing a lot when you lost a game. There is no comparison to now. The appearance of Pac-Man was akin to the arrival of Jesus. We were all in awe. It changed everything.

  2. Some of these i didn’t know but would like to play. Also from that era centipede and millipede and Qbert 🙂 in later years i enjoyed area 51. I remember the cocktail table versions of space invaders and asteroids. we would dump a pile of quarters down and hang out for the evening. Loved it and miss those days.

  3. 78-86 was my wifes era of arcade. She loved playing Phoenix during her middle school years of the late 70s n early 80s.My era was 87-94. My grandfather took me into my first arcade in 87 when I was 7 years old. Operation wolf and rampage was the first two I ever played. My favourites back then was: Golden axe, double dragon, TMNT, wwf wrestle fest, Simpsons, aliens, robocop, x-men, Cadillacs and dinosaurs, NBA jam, and Michael Jackson's moonwalker. Although my wife definitely got me into Phoenix. That's probably my favourite from the early 80s. I can't believe 1up has never shown Phoenix any love.I'd be all over it if they released it in a counter/partycade.

  4. Nice! Was this filmed on your Arcade Legends Ultimate?

  5. Tim, I dumped plenty of quarters into these games as a kid in arcades during that period!
    Then I continued to dream about them all until I was able to get back and play more.
    Perhaps the best time ever to be alive for a child or teenager!

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