Gauntlet (Arcade) 100 levels Playthrough longplay retro video game -

Gauntlet (Arcade) 100 levels Playthrough longplay retro video game

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Gauntlet is a 1985 fantasy-themed hack and slash arcade game by Atari Games.[3] It is noted as being one of the first multiplayer dungeon crawl arcade games.[4][5] The core design of Gauntlet comes from Dandy, a 1983 Atari 8-bit family dungeon crawl, which resulted in a threat of legal action.[6]


  1. Its obvious that no F__ks were given at the end of the game. Just blast through. Ignore all creatures, play with death, shoot all food…

  2. Not only does the game not end, it loops. Emulating, playing on the easiest setting, and using save states, I played this all the way to level 999. After level 999, it loops back to level 8 (because levels 1-7 are predetermined). It even resets how fast the thief shows up on levels. I know some people are disappointed that there's no ending, but when this game is released, endings in games weren't really a thing – it was all about the score attack. Different times, different philosophy ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  3. I loved this game so much as a kid. I asked my parents to get it (the actual arcade cabinet) for me for Christmas. Of course I didn't get it lol.

  4. wait, there was a little helper guy you could get in this game?

  5. Sometimes when it lunch time at work, I will exclaim "Warrior needs food, badly." Most of my coworkers are younger tho, so they just think I am an idiot. Of course, they thought that before I said it but I digress.

  6. As a kid it felt absolutely impossible to outpace the health drain. I was so wrong :).

  7. This is an easy version, in the final version you cannot play indefinitely, around 350.000 points no food comes out. The parent rom in MAME.

  8. One of my most played games as it was out after I left college but before starting work.

    That summer it became the only arcade machine I mastered. 1 ten pence piece and an afternoon free in Cleveleys, played for 4,5 hours and had stockpiled so much stuff and knew every level I could have gone on forever. Long time ago….

  9. highest lvl 999 then resets to lvl 10 or 11

  10. That was my first ever game played on my first ever computer, Amstrad 6128, in 1988. Its monitor was green. I had already played a lot of arcades since early 80's, a lot of games during visits to friend home computers, but it was 1988 when i got my first one. A game that defined a genre. Highly replayaple. I don't know what happens in the arcade version, but as far as i remember, in the Amstrad version Death could be killed with many repeated shots. But too many ones, you had to be patient, run, avoid, shoot, repeat.

  11. My local comic book shop had a Gauntlet machine. There was an older teenager who would play the Wizard and he could pretty much go forever on a single quarter, unless he got unlucky with the levels that came up.

    He always tried to stop other players from joining in and threatened to beat up the younger kids if we did. It'd throw his game off if someone else were playing and taking some of the food and getting in the way. LOL.

  12. Its great to see someone with the reaction speed to dodge those demon shots. I've felt like I'm too old and slow to get revenge on this game as an adult, but you've inspired me to give it another shot

  13. Doesn’t hit the same without the music

  14. Wizard is about to die, elf has eaten all the food lately.

  15. i spent hours at the arcade due to this game

  16. "Valkyrie needs food" Still cracks me up but no one gets the reference anymore.

  17. This game definitely was ahead of it's time, wow!

  18. spend so many time in front of my CPC Amstrad 6128 in the 80s….

  19. this is from a full arcade machine right ?

  20. Just have to laugh getting this video in my feed. It brings me back to the mid 80's when I pumped quarter after quarter into the machine and realized one early Saturday there was a pattern. If you reset the machine you get a magic potion @ level 8 which is a huge boost to whatever character you play and can set you up for the long game.
    The best character to use for this strategy is ELF due to Character Speed and Shot Speed. Then you can play all day on one quarter which I did at the arcade. I went up at open on Saturday and played until I had 1000's of health, sold the game to a kid for $15 (full potions, 1000's of health and all upgraded abilities) and went to eat at the food court, came back 30mins later and he was down to like 2000 health and I gave him $5 for the game and played the rest of the day till close.
    Thanks for the great memories. 😀

  21. “Elf…has eaten all the food lately” 😂😂😂
    Best memory of this game was joining in with a fellow player, but as he was already Elf, I played Valkyrie.
    Once I got Extra Armor and Extra Fight PowerI was nearly invincible, We would plow through enemies with Elf pushing Valkyrie through walls of monsters. By the time the arcade closed about 10 hours later he had gotten 70k health and I had 30k, and even with just running through enemies the Elf died before the Valkyrie 😂

  22. I used to be an arcade rat and would spend hours watching people play this in the 80's. Never had any quarters myself. It's interesting though, for some reason, when I would see people flip Gauntlet, it was playing a warrior.
    Nice gameplay.

  23. Truely a gauntlet master…in my teen years this guy would have been hailed as a god

  24. I lucked out. There was a Gauntlet machine at the convenience store by my house as a kid and you could lift the controller deck and stick your hand in to tap the quarter slot for unlimited play. Just don't let Mister Doughtry (the store owner) see you do it, lol.

  25. A mini pizza and 20 quarters every weekend at WC Franks. Awesome game with a great sound system in the machine I played.

  26. God I loved this game when I was at school. So weird watching it over 30 years later. Memories I forgot I had.

  27. Rumor at my school was that there was a dragon at level 100.

  28. Gotta love Elf with extra speed. But the game was pretty stingy on the shot power. Took until level 38. The player skill level is excellent. I used to love this game when it came out. I played a machine that was MAME version 7, so I could play forever on a quarter. I always played wizard. The later versions of the game tightened up on the food when you only had one player.

  29. I remember picking ELF for the sole person of getting the power ups in the Treasure rooms

  30. I’m sure someone has already mentioned it but being able to play the same game with four friends / strangers was a revelation at the time. So ahead of its time. Oh and the digitised speech was the coolest sound in the arcade. Happy days. 😢

  31. First game I ever played on the old NES with my mum, I always terrified of death running after me and love fighting the dragons

  32. Back when I was a kid, it seemed to me that everyone who dominated this game in the arcade on 1player used the elf. I now understand why. (and how). Thanks for uploading this!

  33. Curious what difficulty this is. I recently read a Gamefaqs walk-through that insisted the most up to date version of the game is essentially impossible to even get past the first stage on one credit unless it's difficultly 0 or 1.

    Thinking about trying this on Midway Arcade Treasures, which likely has the latests update I'd assume.

  34. Damn ya the memories of keeping my lunch money just to stop by the arcade after school to play this was Boss. omg Love it.

  35. Is the announcer voice the same as Marty McFly's jacket in 2015? "Jacket drying…. [beep] your jacket is now dry."

  36. The zombie ghosts used to freak me out

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