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Galaxian 1979 Namco Mame Retro Arcade Games

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► Galaxian 1979 Namco. Endless game.

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  1. Back then I always got scared of the ship explosion

  2. This game was revolutionary for the time, but in my opinion hasn’t aged well. Here’s why I think that.
    1. The game is very slow and can get boring after a while.
    2. The sounds (especially the bgm) can get annoying after a while.
    3. The game is difficult and isn’t very accessible.
    Almost all of these issues were fixed in the 1981 game “Galaga”, but I still like this game for the historical significance.

  3. I played this on mini acarde died at level 2

  4. This old school arcade game take me back to the good old days of video arcade games when time was perfect

  5. "00:30" 😂 I actually have been using ɪɴᴊᴀᴘᴘ.ᴄᴏᴍ 📌 no issue with it all

  6. I remember as a schoolkid I used to play this game at my local Chinese restaurant. 1981 if I rememember

  7. Something’s wrong with this emulation. On real hardware, the enemy shells come straight down without jumping like that.

  8. I played this at a little store near a supermarket in San Diego back when I was 5 – man, I sucked out loud at this game then.

  9. I like the pweeew sound but the background "wowow" gets annoying and I wish the firing sound was different. Still, the original and best graphics and game dynamics, some other versions had better sound effects or visuals, but this one was the best all around

  10. Yoon Moon Sick teacher 1943 years
    Kim Moo Saeng teacher 1943 years
    2005 years killer

  11. My father had this arcade in his garage in the 80s. Don't how many days i spent playing it. Eventually the game couldn't beat me any more and it became boring. Very cool to see it again though.

  12. Those graphics are good as fuck. Shit looks real!

  13. Tujunga, CA. 7-11 Corner of Foothill and Tujunga Canyon blvd. 1980…their machine was fast as hell, and the volume was LOUD! Great memories of candy, slurpees, and avoiding getting our asses kicked/our bikes stolen haha.

  14. i was in primary school when this came out standard 3, got a lot of hidings for playing this game, didnt come home after school, at the video parlor, home at 11:00 pm every night

  15. I swear you were able to capture another spaceship and use it to help you out am i thinking of a different game?

  16. Yes this was the Galaxian i played back then, in the arcade hall. Same sounds and graphics and cool.
    Only the smell of cigg. smoke or pizza that´s missing. I sort of remember that smell as well.

  17. Look at it, it´s beautiful in its simplicity and perfection. "My beautiful, beautiful little baby…..". /Alien

  18. Wait… So… Galaga was a sequel all along?

  19. i wish i wasn’t that young how i play this game is through mini arcade they are really cool tho i have a “Dig Dug one, a Q*Bert one and a pretty big Namco Museum one”

  20. It’s like galaga
    But your not getting abducted

  21. when the million points are reached the game ends…few of us have achieved it

  22. Darn. You just had one more galaxian to shoot then one to next level. So close.

  23. I bought one of these Galaxian pub table top games second hand in 1982 ex rental for £60 me and my Dad used it as our kitchen table for a while, brilliant fun.

  24. I have the 1uparcade machine but it’s the ms pac man

  25. Back in 1979, 1980 i was 10 yrs old and dominated the arcades in my area and scoreboards, flipping scores, and recall unlocking up to 3 Galaxip starfighters that would connect together. I was major addicted to Galaxian which led right into Galaga. 👾

  26. Galaxians, gorf, Mr do, Mr dos castle, pac man, asteroids, defender, scramble, phoenix and vanguard where attack of the hawk men written by Freddie Mercury for the film flash Gordon is featured. Classic arcade games

  27. En différence à Space Invaders les ennemis ont des vitesses variables et se déplacent parfois par petits groupes.

  28. 3面にしては敵の攻撃がハードな気がする

  29. people hated me being on this game for 10p for 45 minutes in the pub Haaaaaa

  30. I used to play this with my grandad Miss it so much

  31. You would find the Galaxian symbol on a few arcade games
    Pac -Man
    Super Pac Man
    and other Namco arcade.

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