Kawaii Arcade Masters!
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Hey everybody!!! Japan’s arcades are on another level. You can win toys, clothes, and even food from their arcade games. Most of the time, it would be cheaper to buy the food prizes from the store, if you can find them, but it’s more fun to win these goodies 🙂

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  1. U guys are trying way too hard to sound like your having fun…

  2. I’m going to Japanese In Video Games Play We Have Some Fun Time

  3. You guys must be back in Japan that's good because I love your Japan videos

  4. Loving the oldies but goodies videos from Japan!!❤

  5. Yay, more Japanese food vids these are my fave ❤️

  6. Love these videos. Been binge watching older videos 💜

  7. I'm sure it's old film from Japan, that didn't get posted then

  8. I miss old faithful……….love the food videos!!!!

  9. I wonder if you can use the claw to stab the black clips holding up the sticky rope

  10. I love that last game. I think yall use to call it the go go go game

  11. I just wonder if those rubber band games had problem with the band ls breaking on the arcade

  12. This video gave me so much dopamine. I needed a good Ole Japan arcade video. Thank you for making my night KAM

  13. Are these in California or from back in Japan. I love the Japan arcades ❤

  14. Your videos are always a joy to watch. I love your enthusiasm and how you really get into the games and play along with your family. 😊

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