Kawaii Arcade Masters!
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Hey everybody! We have mentioned time and time again how hard it is to win the food games in arcades. We still like to play them especially new games. Every now and then we get lucky with food games 🙂

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  1. Love the food games! Those Pokemon ramen are so cute!

    Are you able to do the background music a little lower or none at all? We never hear the background noise over you all for you to get copyrighted with the way you're mic'ed up now. I can barely hear you sometimes over the music or if you pause in talking the music absolutely starts blaring and I have to constantly adjust the volume to hear you/not get my eardrums blasted. Thanks!

  2. Anyone who lives in chiba know where can i find game centers around?

  3. Where exactly is this? I want to know if I ever get the chance to go to Japan.

    Also, are you playing to give any of your food prizes to trick-or-treaters on Halloween? Just curious.

  4. I'm so glad I found you guys, keep the content coming, I love your dynamic

  5. Don’t you have a Go-tcha to play Pokémon go? I have one and it catches by itself for when I’m working 🙈

  6. Gotta be careful, sometimes the arrow you want doesn't lite up every time it goes around…

  7. Yes food arcades Lov them😋🤗😘

  8. I am so happy these games don't exist in over here in The Netherlands because I would be broke in an hour by spending all my money just trying to win.

  9. Omg Sophie, amazing timing and with jst 1 turn! Great win! 💛

  10. Watching these videos I swear the lights with the arrows do not light up every time it goes around.

  11. Well played Micaiah and Sophie. Brilliant wins 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  12. Would love to see a family challenge ❣️

  13. So they won’t give you the boxes that get knocked out of the playing field?

  14. i just like it how sophie came in for the win like that XD that was great. i wish i had those snack games here but i dont oh well

  15. i just wanna hear michaiah go "falcon PAUUUNCH! yes!" after this episode

  16. That was awesome you all played thank you for sharing i so enjoy your videos you guys rock.

  17. Please bring your own recyclable bag Please bring your own recyclable bag Please bring your own recyclable bag

  18. Been playing pokemon go for 2 years now already level 43 its fun

  19. I would need ear plugs. I need quiet to concentrate. I wouldn't do well with the dustractions. Micha and Sophie have amazing patience to play this kind of games. ❤️

  20. LOL, if you use your space bar while watching the video you can play along (pauses the video) and see if you can get it to land on the light on those spinning light food games 🙂

  21. I tried one of these games at Round 1 this past weekend. It’s so insanely fast. I don’t know how you make it look so easy. Bravo Zulu.

  22. Sophie FTW! 😆 I tried those pikachu ramen, i was left disappointed 😅

  23. Question: so just to clarify further sake of my own curiosity, even if you were to trigger all of the arrows, you only get what falls in???

  24. I really wanna find one of those bubble guns my nephew is obsessed with bubbles.

  25. I'm fully subscribed but YouTube didn't notify me about this 1 it notify me of a play for me but glad I can track it down now watching it

  26. Yes I play pokemon go!! Team instinct! Happy to add new players 😊😉😉

  27. Wow the way Sophie came in and won that game amazing!
    Perfect daddy daughter team right there soo cute well done KAM

  28. Absolutely loved Sophie coming in and getting the spot you needed with one try haha

  29. Sophie for the win! Great family teamwork! Awesome snack wins!

  30. I Play Pokemon go myself anyway nice video

  31. Sophie came in like a Boss 🤣 she said scoot to the side lol

  32. What arcade are they at? I’ve never seen it where that snacks are stacked like that. I’d love to go there!

  33. 3:14 You can not walk Away lol 👍🏻. Ohhh wow Sophie is Amazing 😻👍🏻😁 I do enjoy watching your vids 😊

  34. Nancy: "Hi baby, you wanna try? We need that one right there."
    Sophie: "Oh you need that one?😏" smacks button, gets arrow needed in one play Sophie: 😌

    She basically walked up and was like I got this, and she indeed had it and that was awesome! Great wins you guys 🥰💜🙏🏻

  35. oh mabn those are the bubble guns i want ugh
    the US never has anything funin claw machines just crappy over priced cheaply made stuffies

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