Kawaii Arcade Masters!
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Hey everybody!!! It’s that time again. Friends wanted another food arcade video, but today’s video has a fun twist. The arcade had a special event going on. Everytime we called over an arcade worker and put $5 into a game, we got a special coupon. You have to watch until the very end to see what kind of prizes we could win 🙂

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  1. They should've played the last game since the beginning they had better luck with the girl 😁

  2. Out of the red prizes, I just knew he was going to pick the Mickey one. Glad you guys won so much!

  3. Melts my heart when Micaiah picks his mickey mouse fan. I'm glad Nancy approved lol.

  4. Japan seems like they really love to show customer appreciation.

  5. Oh you are so sweet movie and snacks you guys are a great people

  6. When they say he need to concentrate I stopped chowing on my food because I thought I was being to load for him lol

  7. I would totally get the Teddy Bear 🥰🥰🥰

  8. I spend once 40$ in Japan at an Arcade for a stack of chocolate… but just 2 went into that hole 🙁 I would not recommend playing for food, only if it's for fun. I won figures or plushes for just 1$ multiple times ^^

  9. Great vids as always. I always enjoy watching ty

  10. I feel like ur doing the opposite off what you should be doing like the yellow box should gone from the front off the box and the cola one the back ,? Or pushed the bar lol

  11. Yuuummmm!! All those snacks are excellent 👌 Especially the ones you guys won 🤤 Getting some free plays is such a good way to get you hooked on their games too.

  12. I wish we had these arcades in Sweden….

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