Fun Family Arcade games at Chuck E Cheese -

Fun Family Arcade games at Chuck E Cheese

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The best fun you can have in a world where kids make the rules .
Watch The D2 Sisters Family as they enjoyed playing at Chuck E Cheese Amusement Centre in Regina Saskatchewan Canada, they collected lots of E-tickets to exchange different kind of surprises like Toys, Stickers, and many more, but please. Don’t forget to like subscribe and comment…

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  1. Sarap maging bata, hayzzz, mag icip bata na lang muna ako dito. πŸ˜…

  2. Watching now enjoy wala na kasi ako anak na malit nakakamis ganitong bonding.

  3. Galing naman mga kids nag enjoy sila sa mga laro sis.keep safe

  4. Oh I like the place so much…iI used to play arcade games beforeπŸ˜‰πŸ‘

  5. I had fun watching you guys nice family bonding po

  6. ayan ang na mi miss na ni Ate Marette maf arcade ang saya saya

  7. Wow enjoy your family bonding po host…sending my support this ia miguel brodie vlog

  8. This is an amazing moments with your lovely family dear sis really have fun!

  9. Tamsak and hug na Kita mam payakap nlng muaahh πŸ₯°

  10. Waiting for the show host love love love ohhhh lala scarlettekeyla

  11. Can't wait to see this exciting vlog. Happy family bonding at the Arcade. Sending support from AZ

  12. Full package support to you Ken Russell

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