FREE WONDER WEAPON & PERKS IN FORSAKEN - All Arcade Machine Mini Games Explained In Cold War Zombies -

FREE WONDER WEAPON & PERKS IN FORSAKEN – All Arcade Machine Mini Games Explained In Cold War Zombies

Fili Zi
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So this is all the arcade machines explained in cold war zombies, on forsaken

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  1. Bro Fili Zi your better than this bro. No need to clickbait us all with the "Free WW" clickbait. I'm disappointed

  2. Hearing 'dragon from Outbreak' instead of 'dragon from Der Eisendrache' is saddening. Great video though!

  3. For me every time when i do the dragin it freezes and doesnt give me anything after i complete it. Then the machine will be unusable for the rest of the game

  4. Full power? Never seen that power up in this zombies game before? Can someone explain?

  5. I got a raygun my first chest on the DE arcade came i can’t wait to come home after work to play this is a hell of a way to start my birthday im so lit 🤟🏽💯💯💯peace n love everyone ☮️

  6. BO3 one 😆 are you nuts, the machine even says world at war 🤦‍♂️

  7. yo what sight is that on the ppsh? looks like an elo

  8. Dude none of that implied you get a free wonder weapon? You even said you've done the DE one like 20 times and still have NO footage of getting a wonder weapon as a reward? Why the clickbait dude?

  9. What is your skin Bru?! It looks cartoonish and awesome!

  10. Dragon from outbreak yeah ok buddy its the dragon from der eisendrache from bo3 bruh hense the name, get out of here dragon from outbreak

  11. The Nacht easter egg is actually awesome

  12. This is not a video about how to get free wonder weapons and perks in the map. It's a video about how to play the arcade games , which may give you free WWs and perks as rewards. Fucking clickbait.

  13. Y’all, me and my buddy just found one. Grab an arcade token(if your playing coop all players need one) and go kill a zombie with PHD slider in the room above deadshot daiquiri. A busted arcade machine should catch on purple fire for long enough to insert the coin and it’s so fun lmao

  14. 1:30 u havnt even gotten to the arcade yet, what a waste of time, i immediately clicked off the video, get to the point next time lol

  15. Some say he’s still going even now as we speak…. He’s going for the world record with 0 crashes. GOD BLESS YHIS HUY

  16. This map reminds me of custom zombies and the de thing feels like a troll lmao

  17. My question is why would we want another nacht der untoten when we already have d.i.e maschine and 50 other remakes sure its the first map ever made but 2 in 1?

  18. No wonder why you don’t have that many subscribers you out here click baiting people last time I ever watching one of your videos and I’m Leavin a dislike

  19. This map is all I hoped it would be. Recently got into grinding weapons for dark aether and it's got it all. The spawn room for exp, a lot of special zombies, and something new to grind on. Also map is huge and chalked full of fun side stuff and an awesome wonder weapon, can't go wrong with this one.

  20. Why nacht tho, it’s like the most remastered map they’ve ever made it’s jus plain and boring

  21. “The dragon from outbreak” really pissed me off for not understanding it’s actually from der Eisen drach like the actual map

  22. Btw if you hit the arcade token machine it'll give you a free token

  23. So when do you talk about the wonder weapon🤔

  24. That wonder weapon is useless when your in the higher level. Stick to the SHOTGUN

  25. We don’t stream. We reached level 150. Just with one shot gun. The HUER. Until we all quit. Had to go work. That you need is the shot gun

  26. If you punch the token machine you'll get a free token, but it only works once!

  27. so bad at enduro couldn't even get on the platform, mid, 5/10, next.

  28. I cant hear your audio even on full volume, anyone else?

  29. Theres a rxcd race arcade that only turns on with a phd kill near it

  30. Be nice to use the wonder weapon but I have an AMD gpu

  31. Fili my bro, my lord, my comrade.
    Cant wait for tomorrow to check those things out

  32. That DE arcade machine was nuts in a vice when it wasn’t DE

  33. The Der Eisendrache machine would be better if it actually took you to the underground pyramid room with zombies spawning in the same spots and the dragon being in the same area. The golden chest would be at the bow locations. It’s a shame they didn’t do that though

  34. Idek how to use that new wonder weapon 😭 🤣 💀

  35. So nothing on the wonder weapon? Click bait?

  36. What's with the quality? It's so bad

  37. Is it me ?? But I tried using my custom mod blueprint and it isn’t working wtf??!!…

  38. I couldn't find any parts

    Edit: I know how to do the pap

  39. Bro PhD slider is insane. Ur slide has like 4x range now

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