Forsaken Arcade Guide: BEST GAMES for MOST REWARDS? Free Wonderweapons Guide - Cold War Zombies DLC4 -

Forsaken Arcade Guide: BEST GAMES for MOST REWARDS? Free Wonderweapons Guide – Cold War Zombies DLC4

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Which arcade game gives the best rewards in Forsaken? Click to find out!

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  1. There's a bug on the Der Eisendrake Machine: where after you are done the dragons rally rocket will not fly up, and the gold chest will be stuck under it inaccessible

  2. You can knife the arcade coin dispenser to get a free one.

  3. I really loved the nacht challenge , i screamed when i saw it for the first time playing :,)

  4. Idk if he mentioned this but you can also get a free token by knifing the machine

  5. Hey Milo, wanted to leave a little note about a couple easy strats I found.

    Once you have the WW, you can go back to spawn and climb back onto the crate you spawn on. Hug the wall and all the zombies will jump up at one spot, with a couple stragglers coming to the side. Just keep swinging and they'll all drop fast enough. Quickest rounds I've had on the map so far

    Alternatively, if you train next to the spawn portal with the WW, you can run back towards spawn through a blue container. If you use your axes alt fire, it'll clear the full hoarde with a single throw.

    Hope this helps anyone reading 🙂

  6. You can also get a free token by hitting the token machine with wonder weapon

  7. Worst thing ever added to round based zombies. Zombies will never be what it used to be and is seriously going down hill. Worst zombies experience capped off with the worst map in the game 😴 can't believe i waited for this season 😔🙄

  8. This map is really hard for me😅 it has been a while since I've played but does anyone else feel like it's hard too?

  9. I love the disappointment when he gets the tundra

  10. The Der Eisendrache machine glitched out on me. The dragon thing didn’t fly up into the sky and the arcade machine said it was in use after I tried again.

  11. Am I the only one disappointed that the der eisendrache one was just some crap from outbreak? Like we get full nacht for the 12th time, would have been nice to have the courtyard or something from der eistendrache or call it something else at least.

  12. Is the easter egg live streamed today? Love your life streams on release

  13. This has nothing todo with trayarch zombies lol. I'll stick to bo2&3.

  14. This is my favorite map already. The wonder weapon is fantastic and I like the lore from the scroll talking about the weapon. When the person talking in the scroll mentions “the old ones “ it makes me think back to dr monty and the shadow man

  15. Stand on a table in burger town and the zombies pile up in a corner

  16. Fyi if you punch the arcade token machine you get one free one.

  17. Now this is how you improve the arcade from spaceland

  18. I was excited af about playing the World at War arcade machine for the first time, only for it to trap me in Nacht

  19. One time when i did the der eisendrache machine i finished it but the dragon froze and didnt move. After it kicked me out it said it was in use. I was playing solo which meant i wad locked out of it for the entire game.

  20. Hopefully this one is good Cold War zombies was trash

  21. Has anyone else gotten transferred into Nacht with a disciple? It killed me in nacht my first run thru🙄

  22. I enjoy how he pronounces Eisendrache correctly

  23. Does the Crysilaxe count for melee kill challenges?

  24. It’s literally called an “arc xd” – the word “arc,” as spoken by the devs in reveal videos.

  25. Can you use each arcade machine more than once per game?

  26. Knife the change machine and it gives a free coin.

  27. It's nuts to think that vanguard zombies comes out in just over a month

  28. The dragon freezes sometimes I don’t know if it happens to other people too but its really annoying.

  29. You can also look at the two sides of the rocket and once the fluid fills the T at the top the dragon is at capacity. But in addition prone infront of the arcade machines for a free 100 points per machine

  30. I found out the Der Eisendrache one is bugged. My brother used it, but the rocket and dragon never disappeared despite him killing all of them. Then, when he was teleported out, it said that the game was still in use.

  31. There's also another way to get free tokens I see not many have figured it out yet 😉

  32. Me Running out of ammo during the Nacht EE: :)IVE BEEN HERE BEFORE

  33. A note about Nacht: you get the same rewards everytime. Tier 1 being 6 salvage (300)
    Tier 2: always a DMR green (you keep it if you dont have a secondary weapon) and some blue salvage
    Tier 3: 1000 points, a full power, and around 125 high grade salvage. Its worth it early game

  34. Can’t believe you didn’t say melee the token machine for 1 free token. Tut tut! (Jk )

  35. You missed the arcade that you turn on with phd slider in the deadshot building, the arc-xd car race.

  36. The Dragon always freezes and kicks me out without taking off and giving me the box 🤔😊😰

  37. The Nacht room is actually just a copy paste from Die Machine right? The room with the Wonder Weapon. Just extra rubble on the floor?

  38. Melee the arcade machine and you get a free token

  39. Real missed opportunity to do do a spawn room DE challenge with the DE arcade game

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