Food claw machines in Japan! Round 1 arcade crane game fun -

Food claw machines in Japan! Round 1 arcade crane game fun

The Crane Couple
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The Crane Couple is BACK with a brand new video series – The Crane Couple In Japan Part 4! After 4 years, we finally made it back to Japan, and we live streamed and filmed the entire trip! Come join us as we take you on our travel adventures through Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto – from cool arcades to beautiful temples and delicious restaurants, we do it all! Today we’re at Round 1 arcade in Odaiba to battle the food claw machines and crane games! Watch us work some UFO catcher magic and hopefully win some delicious snacks and candy!

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  1. I hope we have 20 more of these videos coming!

  2. Great you are back ✌️ From Scotland

  3. Oh man I haven't had you guys pop up on my notification in a hot minute! This video def made my day❤

  4. Seeing all these food wins makes me so hungry 🤤

  5. I can't ever get enough TCC content. That's why I also watch on twitch. 😉😏

  6. So excited for all the recap vids so I can see what I missed live. Two down, 67 more to go!!!! LOL

  7. Wow this video was great! You know what else is great? The crane couples twitch streams! 😉

  8. You guys are awesome. Thanks for the fun video

  9. You two are really the cutest couple. Great to have you back for another Japan series!

    Do you do requests? If so, if you were to include your meals in future Japan videos it would be really cool!

  10. Really like you guys and you're content ❤

  11. Great to see you guys in Japan. Loving the videos.

  12. So excited to see you guys back in Japan! I went in November and imagine my shock when I stepped into Akihabara and found all the SEGA arcades had been rebranded under a new name! I won some tomato ramen at least lol

  13. i missed you guys , you are my favorite claw machine channel <3

  14. Another awesome video see you both n chat over on twitch later on live for more.

  15. Love the tilting candy machine win


    In all actuality I just want the giant ball and wrapper just because 😅

  16. Congrats on winning all those snacks. Which one was your favorite?

  17. I'm loving these Japan videos!! So much fun!

  18. Hi, may I know where do you play food crane games? We are planning to visit Japan this year and wanted to try those food cranes. Btw, love your videos ❤️

  19. I love these food prize machines the best 🎉 it would be even better if you tasted the snacks on the video and let us know what you actually won, what they looked like inside, tasted like and if you liked them 😊

  20. Yes more 🥹!!!!! I’ve missed this so much I love ❤️ u guys!!!!

  21. Those poor workers restocking the machines 😅 felt good seeing the crane couple again on YouTube 🩷🩵

  22. i used to watch you guys 4 years ago, was so happy to see you pop back up on my recommended 🙂 wishing you guys the best! always so fun to watch!

  23. I remember watching this live on your Twitch channel. Your streams are so fun and chat is a little unhinged at times but that's what makes it great. Finally, a community where I can go to and degen with the streamers on life. Watching them spend their money so I don't have to makes my wallet fat lol. I wonder what the exclusive youtube video content is gonna be because they hinted on their live stream that they went to places without us.

  24. Back on YouTube?!?
    Looks like your having an awesome trip, you deserve it!

  25. Am glad you guys are back, I really thought you wouldn't come back to do these kind of videos

  26. Im so exciting to see you again. I miss you guys so much


  28. We missed you so much it felt like 17mins is not enough lol 🤣

  29. So happy to see you guys posting back on YouTube! You guys are one of my comfort channels so I’ve been going back and rewatching all of your old videos. But I’m super excited to have new videos of y’all’s to watch!!

  30. Yay, so happy to see this pop up in my feed! Love you guys! (Mimo) ❤

  31. Hi guys I miss watching you videos. What have you been up to? What is your address we're i can send you some things

  32. Great to see uou back on YouTube! Watched you guys years ago daily. Hope uou stick around!

  33. かんれきパパのありさチャンネル says:

    Good evening.

    Very nice 👍

    As a Japanese, I was very happy.

    Made me smile on Saturday night🥰

    Thank you very much.

    Have a nice Sunday 🤩

  34. Its nice seeing your videos again i hope you guys are having fun

  35. The most tense snack vlog ever! Lol I love this!✨

  36. I have missed you guys! So good to see a new video. Thank you!

  37. Its so nice to see your videos back on YouTube ❤

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