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FNAF Security Breach Part 20 – FREDDY GETS THROWN AWAY

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FNAF Security Breach Gameplay Walkthrough Part 20 We find a secret door that leads us to a mysterious arcade game called Balloon World that reveals the possible return of Glitchtrap we also checkout Montys Gator Golf arcade machine..


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Five nights at Freddy’s Security Breach Part 20 – FREDDY GETS THROWN AWAY


  1. you might need a coin for the arcade . the arcade asked for one it might show u something .

  2. i am entering for the game cuase of my bf

  3. Dam more parts than I’ve ever witnessed

  4. is sun and moon santa because sun says hoo hoo hoo and moon is saying bad kids must me punished like moon is just going to drop coal on you

  5. The fact he said freddy gets thrown away in the title and plays golf and balloon game the entire video

  6. hey fusionZgamer I love your vids and I was wondering if you could get me a PS4 copy of security breach.

  7. I wonder why Glamrock Freddy is in the dumpster in the Monty Gator Golf minigame

  8. Hello I just can’t stand how good your videos are!when I’m depressed from a hard day of 2nd grade I click on your videos and it just fills me up with joy I love your channel thank you.

  9. Loving it fusion keep up the good work man! Love the fact uploads.

  10. I really love the design of Monty's Gator Golf for some reason, I don't know why but the black background in the later levels of it really adds to the effect

  11. the reason Freddy is in the trash is that it was like what Vanessa said to Freddy "If I find out it was you who has been helping Gregory I am gonna leave you here until parts and service slaps on a new endo and Monty will run the shows without you" (she said this in parts and service when Freddys head was off)

  12. this guy needs slogo to help him on golf

  13. 21:25 I think that monty wants to be the star of the Show since superstar Bonie was Fan favroite and when he was brought down to maintence. And monty was a replacement for a bit bonnie till mantence is over. And one night monty decide to destroy bonnie. And Thats why we dont see bonnie Ingame.

  14. Maybe the initials on the highscore mean something?

  15. a hat lemme get that thank you oh i din't mean to rhyme that 4:13

  16. Sun rise and moon drop are the same people if the lights go out then sun rise falls to the ground and turns into moon drop

  17. I gotta watch coryxcenshion to keep up your uploaded schedule is insane

  18. I think the the room near sun drops is probaly either moondrops or Gregory’s because in the bad ending you get killed by vanny, it he lived on the streets prior then he would have been killed. So probably vanny, but there’s a moondrop plushies

  19. okay so you need to tell cory about this room

  20. Finally a channel to watch to save me from unnecessary commentaries and clueless gameplay

  21. Fun fact! In hole 1 of the golf game at the end near the hole you can see Roxanne, Chica , and Monty on the left together while Freddy is on the right alone not sure if that adds to the story!

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